Consultation (UK); building ‘zero carbon’ homes.


Building a Greener Future – Consultation Document

Publication title: Building a Greener Future: Towards Zero Carbon Development – Consultation

Audience: Housing development industry, architects, construction companies, planners, energy efficiency specialists, environmental stakeholders and academics.

Consultation period: 13 December 2006 to 8 March 2007

Product code: 06 SCDD 04276

Price: Free

This publication is a consultation document seeking views on the Government’s proposals to reduce the carbon footprint of new housing development. It sets out the Government’s views on the importance of moving towards zero carbon in new housing. It explores the relationship between the planning system, Code for Sustainable Homes and Building Regulations in delivering our ambitions for zero carbon. And it proposes a timetable for revising the Building Regulations so as to reach zero carbon development in all new housing in England & Wales.

Download: Building a Greener Future: Towards Zero Carbon Development (PDF 288 Kb)

It’s a start!!

P.S. Take a ‘tour’ of an architect’s eco-home.

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3 Responses to Consultation (UK); building ‘zero carbon’ homes.

  1. matt says:

    The eco-home ‘tour’ provides 360 degree visuals room by room and has information for each. Very comprehensive.

    Obviously we’re not all as driven as architects and possibly with less resources at our fingertips but, it’s worth a look even if only to cherry pick some of their ideas.

  2. Pete Smith says:

    The consultation concentrates on reducing energy consumption once a house is occupied. The idea of using new materials, or old materials in new ways, in building new homes is only touched on in passing.
    Significant emissions savings can be achieved in new home construction through greater use of timber as a building material. An FAO report in 2002 used Life Cycle Assessment to show how wood has many environmental advantages over other building materials.

    The current prejudices and planning restrictions against ‘alternative’ construction need to be reduced. In terms of resources and environmental impact, there is much more to a house than just living in it. ‘Zero carbon’ running costs by all means, but use sustainably-sourced timber as a carbon sink inside every new house.

  3. matt says:

    I’m all for timber. It’s a beautiful material & makes such a change from brick. Less holes dug into the ground too! Also not as heavy to transport which must save on fuel.

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