Sustainable biofuels: send your message direct to the EU.


The European Parliament have now voted on the Biomass Action Plan, but the final decision will be made by the European Commission and is expected around 10th January. The Parliament have acknowledged that a lack of clear environmental standards and safeguards could have significant negative effects, such as an increase in tropical deforestation and agriculture intensification and biodiversity losses in Europe and abroad, while failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

Please tell the European Commission now that they must prevent biofuels from causing ever greater deforestation, biodiversity losses, or evictions and impoverishment of local communities. Unrestrained biofuel expansion will accelerate, not slow down climate change, as peatlands and rainforests across the world are converted to energy crop monocultures and release their carbon in the process. Latin American NGOs are writing to the Commission to tell them that they want food sovereignty, not biofuels for export to Europe. By emailing the Commission now, you can support their efforts, too.

Please take a moment to send off the prepared email, which can be found at the bottom of this linked page.

NB. The email form is in German :).

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