‘Tomorrow’s climate, today’s challenge’


While my son & I were sat in front of the tele this morning an ad came on from the government inviting us to go to a website www.climatechallenge.gov.uk. So I did. It was a rather scary ad after all. It’s an education on climate change site & invites you to spread the word so that more people understand it and know how to make a difference. Their pdf says;

We want people to know that there is a coordinated effort under way to tackle climate change. Everyone needs to be involved in rising to the challenge.

More from their pdf here.

Good work I say. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. earthpal says:

    Hey Matt. That’s a great site.

    Some good posts here today but I haven’t time to absorb them properly. Will catch up asap.


  2. W. E. Hebert says:

    The Nile, the Amazon, the St. Lawrence, the Columbia, the Mississippi are but a few of the world’s great rivers that offer humanity the greatest natural source of free energy that has not been harnessed.
    Kinetic energy, a natural and life giving resource that has been ignored by the world’s leaders, has the potential to satisfy the electrical demands of the world.
    It is believed that Hydro Power has capped out at about 20% of the world’s electrical requirements. This is due to the belief that Hydro Power can only be produced by constructing Dams and Weirs. This is totally untrue. Energy from moving water can produce unlimited electicity using low speed generators that have no effect on the environment, fish habitat or the ecology and produce zero emissions of GHG.
    Developed and tested for more than 20 years, this form of generation can be placed on floats and positioned in any river with a flow of 1.5 meters per second and in any size from 500 kilowatts th 200 megawatts at about one third of the capital cost of a wind generator.
    Alberta has about a 700 year suplly of coal while oil and gas are depleting at a rapid pace. Clean burning fossil fuels no matter how clean, can not be totally free of CO2 emissions and if we focus on Nuclear Power, we can be assured of future disasters such as experienced at Chornobyl.
    Will our planet sustain 700 years of coal fired generation? I don’t think so. Just imagine how we have changed and effected our planet since the industrial revolution.
    Humanity has a very narrow window to salvage the environment and every effort and expense should be pumped into saving the planet instead of pumping GHG into the atmosphere.
    What are we waiting for? We cannot stand by while industrial icons control the environment for profit. We should be demanding that this free energy be utilized and allowed
    to be brought to market without impediment by big business and Governments.

  3. matt says:

    Are there examples of this approach to energy generation from rivers that you can provide links to?

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