London’s ‘Climate Change Action Plan’.


A passing satellite just dropped this document into my computer. Something entitled, ‘Climate Change Action Plan’ for London 2007/08. Apparently it’s from the mayor Ken Livingston and I seem to have got a copy before it’s launch. So, breaking news from The Coffee House, but of course you expect nothing less! The letter lays out plans for spending across all key areas, such as transport, housing, buildings and so on, with an environment agenda that appears very keen to paint London green. Kensington Green please Ken.

All very encouraging as I have seen a lot of improvements from these continuing schemes both in central London, on the transport systems and locally, including our local school. Glad to see the congestion zone is sweeping west through Chelsea & Kensington. Obviously my little chat with Ken over a nice wee cup-o-tea worked a treat then.

Interesting stats regards London’s CO2 emissions; 44 million tonnes p.a. (8% of the UK) or, if aviation is included, 67 million tonnes (11%). I blame that Irish fella! By sector without aviation;

domestic 38%
commercial (+municipal+university+school+hospital) 33%
transport (ground only) 22%
industrial 7%

Still, there is all that concrete needed for just 2 weeks of sport in 2012 …. madness. šŸ˜‰

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  1. Pete Smith says:

    The Mayor’s letter (addressed to Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson, Green Party members of the GLA) can be read at

    The Climate Change Action Plan itself will be published “shortly” according to Ken’s letter, or “later in the year” according to the GLA press release at

    Bear in mind these are only proposals, the Mayor’s budget has yet to be approved.

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