Putin and his muscle men


Continuing the recent paranoid theme for this blog let us have a little look at nuclear weapons.

Two of the most dangerous leaders ever to have reined on this planet are Bush & Putin. Why? Because they don’t care … about anything … except themselves … their buddies and ultimately … power for powers sake. What Bush has been up to these last 6 years & his father before that, has been fairly well documented. Essentially it’s been about taking over the US political system to make money and lots of it.

It’s not that much different with Putin. Politics is mixed with business, especially the energy business. To hell with international relations. But Putin is slightly different from Bush in that he doesn’t come from a dynasty. He has had to work his way up and he has something to prove. That’s his bottom line and he now translates this into ‘Russia’ has something to prove. Russia needs to feel respected again and it isn’t particularly concerned about any niceties either.

One gets the feeling Putin is on a mission. His tools are energy domination and nuclear security. The former has reared its ugly head with disputes with the Ukraine & Belarus regards transnational pipelines and with forcing Shell to backtrack on one of the world’s largest energy projects in Russia’s far east.

Nuclear security is less obvious. For the last 15 years or so the West has desperately been trying to help with the financing and containment of a deteriorating Soviet nuclear infrastructure, including old power stations & possibly with some weapons dismantling. Despite this background Putin continues to offer Russian nuclear technology to any interested state. They are in Iran and this week arrived in India for a sales drive.

Behind the scenes is what’s even more worrying. A murky world of espionage, mafia, business, politics and unruly seperatist territories knit together a secret trade in uranium and other nuclear technologies. In Tbilisi, Georgia this week it was announced that an Armenian man had been scentenced for smuggling weapons grade uranium. Another recent and similar case found the uranium came from a Siberian nuclear facility. Russia has shown little interest in these cases. Why is this? And where is this uranium heading … the middle east? Read more here. It’s a fascinating story.

What is Putin up to? We could ask Litvinenko but he was assassinated with polonium 210, supplied allegedly by Putin’s muscle men. Litvinenko’s book alleged that Putin’s FSB blew up the two Moscow apartments prior to starting another war in Chechnya. Over 90 people died. Putin and his muscle men apparently saw this as a good way to get re-elected in Russia.

Putin will stop at nothing to feed his need for respect, for power and for greatness. The trouble is it’s not just Europe and its environment that’s threatened by war & nuclear catastrophe. It is the whole world. Putin’s gamble is global. Trouble is he doesn’t care a less.

Got to go. There’s a knock at the door.

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4 Responses to Putin and his muscle men

  1. Pete Smith says:

    Nuclear weapons? All mouth and trousers. The motor car has been responsible for infinitely more death and misery, and is used in anger every day, unlike the nuke.
    Good to see Putin letting Bush have a go in his pride and joy, the 1956 Volga M21. The M21’s complex and idiosyncratic front suspension was a worry, and the designers gave the car a driver-controlled central lubrication system, comprising a central oil drum, a mess of hoses and a foot-operated oil pump. The system was erratic and unreliable, resulting in a lot of oil spillage. The driver had to operate the system every 100 kilometers, leaving a trail of oil on the streets.
    There you go George, you can’t teach those Russkis anything about pollution, you just burn oil, they spew it out all over the place.

  2. matt says:

    Oil is the slow burn. Nuclear is just the flash in the pan … but then, we wouldn’t know about it!

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