Devon in darkness… witches & broomsticks


Devon has plunged itself into near darkness in the name of global warming. The only folk happy about this are the local witches who have apparently never liked light pollution.

Devon’s highways department says that street lighting is responsible for nearly 40 per cent of the county council’s carbon footprint. Well yes, there isn’t a lot else happening in Devon.

The council also plans to remove non-essential lights and signs, install dimmable bulbs and turn off lights at night. It will also switch about 2,800 of 3,800 250watt bulbs to 150watt bulbs to save nearly 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. The council said that the £6,750,000 cost of the project would be offset over 12 to 19 years by energy savings.

The people of Devon apparently weren’t consulted, at least, not in any serious way. Elderly folk have been seen using torches to find their way home after 8:30pm, when it seems the council begins to switch off what they consider to be excess street lights.

Hmmm, is this a witches conspiracy to take back Devon …..

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2 Responses to Devon in darkness… witches & broomsticks

  1. inel says:

    Very funny!

    (Or should I say “Wicked!”?)

    And to think I thought they were coming out in solidarity with the French who are extinguishing their lumières tonight …

  2. matt says:


    I think we are going to see some entertaining & rather barmy campaign & council policy initiatives from here on in. Bit like the ‘ban the nuke’ councils of recent past.

    The Devon position while admirable for its stated intentions, is causing confusion for elderly residents & could encourage crime levels in hitherto unaffected areas. All this to save 500tonnes of CO2 pa.

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