Spice up your drive with a Reva!

electric Reva from India

Branching off from an earlier post ‘Romania Trashes Old Vehicles’ I want to highlight the electric car I’ve seen around London called the G-wiz (Reva). It comes from the Maini Group in India and is available in the UK from GoinGreen for just under £7000. More expensive than I expected but, they’re not exactly mass produced as yet. In fact, GoinGreen don’t even advertise the product!

For one man’s experience of driving his Reva or G-wiz (probably an American inspired(?) name for the Reva since there is US $’s in there somewhere) see his blog;


The company website in India; http://www.revaindia.com/

There is also some new competition (currently in the trialing stage) in the new Smart EV

Smart EV

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4 Responses to Spice up your drive with a Reva!

  1. Pete Smith says:

    Prefer the Smart myself. The G-Wiz (that is its UK name apparently) looks as if it should have pedals inside.

    At least it’s got 4 wheels. The guys at Zap are trying to sell what look like Reliant Robins to the Americans.

  2. matt says:

    Yes, I’m all for the Smart EV except;

    1. it’s too small for a family
    2. wouldn’t dare take it onto a motorway
    3. can’t afford to purchase & run two cars (and that would be too much hassle)

    But good for some market segments no doubt.

  3. matt says:

    Here’s a useful site regarding cars with an environmental leaning;



  4. SK Maini says:

    There are more than 2000 Reva’s running in more than 12 countries. Some of the first ones in Bangalore have crossed 50,000 kms and are still going strong without a dent.

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