Capturing change.

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Filming an environment daily, whether it be of an individual or say an area of forest under attack from spreading development is an interesting concept. OK, a snapshot of a forest area monthly over 20 years would be a better time frame and have a similar effect when showing change via film. The lady above achieved the effect in her flim by taking a snapshot of herself every day for three years.

Maybe Nasa has enough data of earth’s surface from its satelites to do such flim projects. Has Nasa done this already? In this age of short attention spans maybe this technique could drive home the message regarding the extent of change and environmental destruction wreaking havoc across our precious planet.

Time for ‘Visual Impact‘ (C).

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2 Responses to Capturing change.

  1. earthpal says:

    Thought-provoking idea.

    That video is mesmerising!

  2. matt says:

    I know, I love it! And it’s the first time I’ve got a video up on WordPress. Moving images do it for me! If only we could capture the state of the world & its beauty, in really powerful campaign/educational messages that have Visual Impact.

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