Coffee House final rehearsal for London demo


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6 Responses to Coffee House final rehearsal for London demo

  1. matt says:

    Ssshhhh! It’s meant to be a secret. 🙂

  2. earthpal says:


    I have a seat booked on a coach destined for the rally but so far I have no-one to mind the littlies for me. Keep your fingers crossed.

    I do hope I get down there. If I see you guys, I’ll buy you a coffee. Or better still, you can make me one of your specialties.

  3. keithsc says:

    Yes we’d better go for a coffee. Tricky to make one on a march.

  4. matt says:

    Especially as you’re doing your flying-out-the-cannon trick as we go past Pall Mall Keith. 😉

  5. matt says:

    Looks like the above picture is telling us that Pete is coming as a troll armed with various viking implements. Me thinks the police will spot him before we do!

  6. Pete Smith says:

    Sorry guys, I won’t be there, it’s ‘Super Saturday’. Anyway, I’m not allowed out until I’ve shaken off this bug I’ve had all week. But my thoughts are with you in your endeavours 😎

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