‘Ethical man’ tells us how it is.

the ethical dilemma

Justin Rowlatt and his family were told to “go green” for an entire year to see by how much they could cut their carbon footprint. Justin is a BBC reporter and was doing his research for Newsnight. This is an excellent series of reports because it brings many questions about ‘going green’ within a household to ground level. There are fairly simple explanations as to what this family’s choices are and more importantly, why some options just don’t make sense.

To help them understand the more technical aspects of measuring their carbon footprint Professor Tim Jackson of Surrey University is brought in. He comes out with some eye opening statistics. What tops off this series of ‘Ethical Man’ is how it shows the difficulties the Rowlatt family go through as they attempt to make changes for the better.

You may think you know it all when it comes to ‘greening’ your household and family but we bet you don’t. Watch the following to find out;

1. Cutting emissions from individual households.

2. Giving up the ownership of a car – for good.

Also take a look at Ethical man’s Top Ten Tips for ethical living.

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4 Responses to ‘Ethical man’ tells us how it is.

  1. keithsc says:

    It just shows it’s not as easy as we would like to think to cut down our carbon footprint but the programme does have some very practical ideas. Well worth watching.

  2. matt says:

    Yes, it certainly had the journalist’s touch of smooth presentation. Informative and easy to grasp. Certainly well worth watching.

  3. earthpal says:

    Yes, I watched last night’s Panorama report and found it really interesting. I also enjoyed Ethical Man’s blog. It’s very amusing and informative:


    I think his Top Ten list there is perfectly doable.

    Regarding the methane emissions from animals and whether veganism is the answer, it’s actually really hard to totally avoid animal consumption in our diets. Animal derivatives of some form or another seem to be present in so much stuff we eat. And, as Ethical Man pointed out, food labelling is very poor.

  4. matt says:

    As a side point, it’s interesting the number of times I’ve noticed programme researchers carrying out blog searches after their programmes have been aired. They seem to value getting feedback from Blog World. It appears Newsnight found The Coffee House and posted a link up onto their site, albeit only for an afternoon!

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