Formula 1 goes Green

Honda have got a lot of mileage out of the fact that their 2007 machines will not be carrying conventional sponsors’ logos, but will be kitted out in a large snapshot of the Earth. At they urge us to make a pledge to help the environment, earning a place for the pledger’s name on the car’s artwork. No opportunity is missed to promote Honda’s environmental credentials.

They are having a laugh. An F1 car will produce over 50 tonnes of CO2 during a season. One F1 driver’s annual emissions are likely to be around five times those of the average British motorist. F1 cars give off about 1.5 Kg of CO2 per kilometre, just under nine times more than the average new road car. Never mind the environmental impact of background activities such as testing the vehicles and freighting them round the world on the Grand Prix jamboree trail.

Ignore me. Just because I find all forms of motor racing useless and childish, doesn’t mean you should too. Anyway, I’m sure Honda’s novel car livery has everything to do with promoting environmental issues, and nothing to do with the fact that a massive sponsorship deal with Sanyo fell through.

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5 Responses to Formula 1 goes Green

  1. earthpal says:

    I share your cynicism Pete. This latest gesture is just marketing gimmick…rather ironically since they’ve stopped the advertising.

    F1 claims it has been carbon neurtral for years but it has actually been trashing the environment for all those years.

    How pointless is it to paint a gas guzzling car green in order to highlight the problem then use it in the races? More spin and greenwash in an effort to appear enviro-ethical.

  2. matt says:

    myearthdream is to ban F1 …. period.

  3. Pete Smith says:

    Yep. And all other forms of motor sport too. And all those TV programs that promote the “fun” and “glamour” and “sex appeal” of motoring, especially when it’s fast and loud.

  4. matt says:

    Oh but Jeremy’s just a big cuddly bear isn’t he. A bit of harmless fun. Keep the masses entertained…. and car salemen happy. A little bit of voom voom.

  5. Pete Smith says:

    Jeremy Clarkson is an intelligent, articulate and amusing man, whom I would gladly push over the nearest cliff.

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