Biz360 & their pals

who weaves the web?

The marketing men are on the march into blogworld. They have decided that they need to know what we’re all saying. God knows why! Your privacy on the web, what you say and do, while always open to analysis is now getting the ‘spider’ treatment. Market researchers & their computer wizz kids have designed ‘crawlers’ to search through the blogsphere.

To quote Biz360, ‘Our recently announced MediaSignal™ for blogs extends our weighted-reach metric for traditional media to a collection to over 32 million blogs. Combined with our tone analysis offering, Point-of-View Sentiment®, which combines the best of human intelligence and automated technology, we’re able to provide clients with positive, neutral and negative impressions of their brands, spokespeople, messages, market issues, trends, etc. across print, online and broadcast news and social media.’

Biz360 and the like are only making money on the back of the corporates (paranoid?) desire to know what everyone out there is saying about them. Of course, if they decide they don’t like what they hear, they may decide to get nasty. Guess who will be their next port of call.

The message from the blogshere ……. They should learn to chill, relax, kick back, get a life. Go read a book beside the pool and … forget about work. For if you don’t, your work could begin to control you!

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2 Responses to Biz360 & their pals

  1. Pete Smith says:

    Well, in a sense this is a logical extension of existing media research. For years, companies like Thomson Intermedia have been offering research on advertising effectiveness, in both traditional media and the internet. ‘Traditional’ services like Thomson’s use spider technology to monitor 300 of the UK’s most popular websites several hundred times a day, generating a picture of each site’s ad inventory.
    It was inevitable that the ‘blogsphere’ would be the next target for this kind of analysis. To quote Biz360:

    “The emergence of blogs has connected your customers, partners, prospects and critical influencers like never before. They’re talking about your company and its products. And it’s probably not all good. But now, instead of telling ten friends, the Internet lets one person tell the entire world about a bad experience. Before you know it, you’ve been blind-sided.”

    They’re playing on fear, basically. Businesses are desperately climbing over each other to succeed or just to avoid going under. Ignoring any chance of a competitive advantage may lead to failure. I’m pretty sure that “chill, relax, kick back, get a life… forget about work” isn’t on their radar.

  2. matt says:

    No, I’m sure chilling isn’t on their radar. Or in their bloodstream. 🙂

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