‘The Coffee House’ Censored In China


Have we upset somebody? Test the url of your choice at greatfirewallofchina.org/test.

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6 Responses to ‘The Coffee House’ Censored In China

  1. matt says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me. Surprises me more that you’ve been able to find this out. The campaigning site you have found routes their test through their own server, one server only, as they point out themselves. They also point out that technical hitches maybe the reason for a failed link.

    Having said all that it is of course very possible Chinese netizens have been blocked from accessing our site. We are after all allowed to say what we like (as long as it is not libelous!).

    The very good site from China that The Coffee House has been accessing lately is;


    The student that runs it translates Chinese news articles and fellow blogger reports into English. Our own site referer stats indicates a high level of ‘other’ country visits, higher than its ever been. I’d guess that at least some Chinese netizens are getting through. We are getting a reasonable amount of traffic refered to our site from venture160. And long may it last!!

  2. Dave On Fire says:

    I’m blocked, but my sister-in-law isn’t. go figure

  3. Your host has more impact than your content on whether you are blocked or not. China typically blocks WordPress, Livejournal and Blogspot blogs, but does not block typepad.

  4. matt says:

    Your sister-in-law blogs about non-political stuff?

    As for your blog Dave, well, just a tad controversial ! But have you touched base in China at any time while on your blogging missions?

    Maybe the campaigning website Pete refers to is overhyping the issue.

  5. Pete Smith says:

    Possibly. But it was such a nice big red screen I couldn’t resist 😎

  6. matt says:

    Well yes, very Chinese in colour theme. China Law Blog has gone some way to explaining what’s happening.

    HOWEVER! … said Chinese blogger has just posted on his/her site as we speak!!

    He/she is still alive and transmitting (to use an old technology) to the world. Phew! That was close. 😉

    Probably the Chinese netizen is based outside of China and is using other means (media) to get their info out. Or, they are based inside China but have access to WordPress and have realised they can get info out this way, without being targeted by the Chinese authorities. Either way, the question is, can Chinese netizens gain access to his/her site and therefore others worldwide via it’s links (including comments left there)?

    Probably not!

    But the Chinese blogger in question is giving us a valuable insight into Chinese life. And that is to be celebrated.

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