Serves Them Right

It has been reported today in the Guardian that 100 sealing boats are trapped off the Newfoundland coast of Canada, in the worst ice seen in the area for 15 years. Hundreds of seal hunters are at risk, with 15 of their ships in danger of being holed by the encroaching ice. Supplies are being dropped from the air, one ice-breaking coastguard ship has also become trapped and another 5 are struggling to force a passage through metre-thick ice.

I say leave the bastards to it.

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20 Responses to Serves Them Right

  1. earthpal says:

    It does seem to be a case of karma.

    I can’t go so far as to wish harm on the hunters. I just hope it teaches them a sharp lesson in fear.

  2. Pete Smith says:

    Well of course I would never say that I hope they all die. But I do think it would be good, if only for a little while, that they thought there was no help on the way. It might give them an inkling of how it feels to be isolated and in mortal peril from something much bigger and more powerful than they are.

  3. matt says:

    They’d only sell their story to the newspapers and buy an SUV with the proceeds.

  4. Pete Smith says:

    They’ll only get trashed by the Earth Liberation Front.

  5. Pete Smith says:

    They’ve not been very busy recently

  6. matt says:

    They’ve probably settled down & had kids. Weekly trip to the supermarket etc.

  7. RJ says:

    Fuck them scumbags…I hope they all die a slow, horrible freezing death…maybe someone will come along and jam a spear through their pathetic pinheads and put them out of their missery…

  8. Pete Smith says:

    You might think that, I couldn’t possibly comment.

    Actually, hearty congratulations to RJ for being the first contributor to use the word ‘Fuck’ this month (well, since January in fact)

    Why don’t we all have a go? Me first.

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

    Gee that feels good.

  9. earthpal says:

    Can girls play too…?

    Yes? Ok then.

    Fucketty fuck.

    Good therapy that.


  10. matt says:

    Oh you lot are just so fucking naughty. You should be bloody well ashamed of yourselves. (RJ Says) … ‘leave those seal pups alone you murdering bastards.’ [ leaves the room slamming door behind him … was that a gun in his hand?]

    Crossing the line. When does countering violence with violence pay?

  11. Pete Smith says:

    Oh, was RJ talking about the hunters? I thought he meant the seals.

    “When does countering violence with violence pay?”

    Professional boxing? 😎

  12. matt says:

    Wot? A boxing match on the Gaza border? Not a bad idea. If it works as a violence reduction strategy the idea could be exported worldwide. The winning side’s winnings could be invested into community projects. Pete, you’re a genius (but I suspect you know that!). 🙂

  13. Pete Smith says:

    It’s a very old idea, I can’t take any credit. Send out a champion from both sides to decide the issue, e.g. David and Goliath.

  14. matt says:

    Yes I know and cheaper than a war.

  15. t says:

    i hope u all die u tree huggin freaks

  16. Pete Smith says:

    I fully intend to, mate. I’m aiming for late October 2061, that’ll be the end of my 111th Autumn. How about you?

    By the way, I’ve never hugged a tree in my life, does that still make me a freak or not?

  17. matt says:

    Terrance works for the US Coastgard Pete and going by his wimpering utterance above is obviously not very intelligent. Maybe we should get the boys to pay him a little visit. 🙂

  18. Pete Smith says:

    Coastguard? Really? And there was me thinking he worked at the Defense Research Establishment in Ottawa.

    Still a dumb, ignorant fuck. Perhaps when he’s worked out how to type capital letters we’ll let him come out to play again.

  19. matt says:

    Yeah, he’s got something to do with that outfit as well. Probably shoots coke cans in the weekend to impress his boyfriends.

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