Reith Lectures 2007-it’s a cheery schedule.

Heard the second of this years five Reith Lectures on the radio last night. Cheery stuff. The lecturer Jeffrey D. Sachs is the Director of The Earth Institute. The lecture was presented at Peking University.

This year’s series of Reith Lectures entitled ‘Bursting At The Seams’ has the lofty aim of saving the world before its too late; to quote, ‘he (Jeffrey Sachs) believes that with global co-operation our resources can be harnessed to create a more equal and harmonious world. If we cannot achieve this, he says, we will face catastrophe; we’ll simply be overwhelmed by disease, hunger, pollution, and the clash of civilisations.’

If you so wish you can listen to or read these lectures here. Links are on the right hand side of the page.

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