‘Climate change around the world’.

image: banksy

The BBC has compiled an interesting summary of current impacts around the world resulting from climate changes. Future scenarios are also included.

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4 Responses to ‘Climate change around the world’.

  1. Tibor Kiss says:

    How would you change your private life to protect the environment?

  2. ClareCat says:

    I love Banksy’s work. You find some pretty cool pics for your posts.

    Cheers, Clare

  3. matt says:

    TK, pretty much the same as what ‘Mirth’ (why don’t people use their real names!) said under ‘comments’ on your first blog posting.

    Trying to lessen consumption is important (reduce, reuse, recycle). Technology can work for and against this. Against via designed in obsolescence, for example, kettles typically burn out within a few years and no-one repairs them so they get thrown out 😦 . Technology works for the environment too, eg. renewable energy, carbon capture, more efficient motors.

    Policy is another important area affecting individual behaviour and again can work for or against protecting/improving the environment. Government, council and business policies matter here. Balancing the carrot and stick approach is vital. Current recycling initiatives in the UK are a case in point.

  4. matt says:

    Clarecat. Banksy is the political commentator for our times. Succinct, humourous and original. The more I see his stuff the more I love it too. Went to an exhibition of his work here in London recently. He’s even more controversial than I realised! 🙂

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