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28 Responses to Extreme

  1. earthpal says:

    Sorry, it’s all I can thing of to say. Was going to say awesome but my eleven-year-old daughter told me off the other day for using that word. Said it was for kids. 😦

  2. matt says:


    It is difficult to describe the impact that photo has on the senses. It is awesome, beautiful, powerful and instills absolute fear at the same time. Nature, the almighty. 🙂

  3. earthpal says:

    Absolutely. Very apt description. T’is just what I thought too. 😉

  4. englandengland says:

    Just awesome!
    Looking these pictures (twisted nature) I always have a wish that I could be there. Being in the middle of this… chaos. To see it. That would be so cool. But in the other hand, I’m pretty sure that I would freak out 🙂

  5. matt says:

    You’d be awe-struck. 🙂

  6. Ahsirta says:

    These are one of the most beautiful and most destructive events one will ever experience. Oh, and englandengland you would really NOT like to be very near one.
    This picture is most definitely awesome and 🙂 that word is not just for kids.

  7. Zepher says:

    WOW! That is so cool!

  8. matt says:

    It sure is a stunning photo. It happens to be the most popular image on this site. 🙂

  9. victor says:

    It is just a part of the extreme weather… nice!!!!!!!


    When its all said and done. Man is a fragile insect.

  11. JY3an says:

    I would want to see what happens if I was actually there; but on the other hand, I don’t ever wish that would happen at my place!


  12. matt says:

    Like a air born volcano erupting from the heavens. No wonder the ancient peoples saw a need to make sacrifices to their gods. 🙂

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  14. Pat says:

    Beautiful mesocyclone!!!

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  16. fenton says:

    wow you make it Better!!!! 🙂

  17. chloe says:

    how can it do that 🙂

  18. Phyllis says:

    This is a powerful picture, so scary to capture I’m sure!

  19. katrina says:

    i cant believe it oh my god i am totally freakin out just lookin at the pics lrt alone being there

  20. nat says:

    WOW ! i thenk that is so cool what is it thow

  21. ellie says:

    COOL where is this place?

  22. Isabella says:

    WOW!!! Where was this photo taken???

  23. SolonHarper says:

    That is really crazy.I would not want to be in the photographers shoes.That would be a scary thing to do.

  24. SolonHarper says:

    ☺Just plain sweet☺

  25. stephanie says:

    that looks totaly awsome and scary at the same time

  26. Earthlover says:

    Thats so….. AWESOME

    and Earthpal tell ur sister that its not for kids.

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