No worries about climate change here then.

Photo: one of the Palm Islands being built in UAE.

Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates has just announced a new ‘desert island project’ involving the development of eight islands, building 4000 hotel rooms, to cater for a million tourists, costing $3billion, to be ready by 2017.

Further up the coast towards Dubai are the famous Palm Islands, still under construction by Nakheel Co. You can take a little interactive tour if you wish. If gives you a good idea how low to the sea these structures and their buildings are. The Palm Deira is the world’s largest reclamation project, with 1.14 billion cubic metres of land being reclaimed.

UAE Interact highlights a gap in the designers consideration of possible future sea level rises caused by climate change;

‘Nakheel, which is the developer of The Palm islands and The World, says it followed the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) estimation of a rise of 30cm to 50cm by 2100 when it prepared its plans for the islands.

The developer, however, did not comment on the recent report from international ocean expert Stefan Rahmstorf, published in the journal Science, which said the increase was more likely to be 1.4 metres by 2100 – nearly triple the IPCC estimation.

“A sea level rise of one metre or more will threaten the viability of many coastal cities,” Rahmstorf said. Programmes that simulate how ocean rises will look on the global map show the UAE losing a noticeable strip of shore with a single metre rise in water levels, and at two metres the coast would be drastically altered.’

Hmmm. Think I’ll spend my millions elsewhere. 🙂

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2 Responses to No worries about climate change here then.

  1. Dave On Fire says:

    By the time the hotel-palaces of the hyperrich are drowned by the catastrophe of their greed, it will already be too late for the billions of poor coast-dwellers whose homes are written off as collateral damage.

    At the same time as our coasts recede, soil erosion and water mismanagement are drying out the continental interiors.

    The ever-growing population will have to learn to live – sustainably – on a shrinking strip of land between the spreading desert and the rising sea.

    It’s going to be a century to remember.

  2. matt says:

    Never fear, the UK is going to do well out of climate change according to the IPCC. More crop growth and a greater variety too. Still the UK may need it, as millions more Bangladeshis will be making their way to its shores.

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