entervironment – destruction song

Play it loud.

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10 Responses to entervironment – destruction song

  1. Pete Smith says:

    Who are those goons?

  2. Pete Smith says:

    Actually, they’re Linking Park aren’t they? Almost as not very good as my sons led me to believe. Making a 4 chord song sound so pretentious is quite an achievement.

  3. matt says:

    Lol. Funnily enough they’re not aiming their music at old fellas like yourself Pete.

  4. Pete Smith says:

    Even more funnily enough, young fellas like my sons think they’re crap.

    I’m more of a Bloc Party man myself.

  5. matt says:

    Bloc Party sing about the environment (or use visuals to communicate our destruction of it) ?

    I’m struggling to see your point, apart from you think that Linkin Park are ‘crap’. But I got that a while back. 🙂

  6. Pete Smith says:

    Just as I was (and still am) struggling to see the point of posting a ‘rock’ video from a bunch of mediocre 30-something musicians. Especially as it cynically uses glossy footage of Bad Stuff Happening as a semi-pornographic diversion from their ‘music’.

    And I didn’t say they were ‘crap’, my boys did, that’s a direct quote. I said they were (1) not very good and (2) mediocre.

    You’ll be posting a link to Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ next.

  7. Pete Smith says:

    After a great deal of trouble and expense, I’ve tracked down the ‘lyrics’:

    In this farewell
    There’s no blood
    There’s no Alibi
    ‘Cause I’ve Drawn Regret
    For the Truth
    Of a Thousand Lies

    So let Mercy Come
    And Wash Away
    What I’ve Done

    I’ve Faced myself
    To Cross out what I’ve Become
    Erase Myself
    And let Go of What I’ve done

    Put to rest
    What you Thought of Me
    Well I Cleaned this Slate
    With the Hands of Uncertainty



    For What I’ve Done
    I’ll start again
    And whatever pain may come
    Today this ends
    I’m Forgiving What I’ve Done!!!


    What I’ve Done
    Forgiving What I’ve Done


    I see it all now. How could I have been so blind?

  8. earthpal says:

    Actually, it’s not that bad a song for them. And regardless of whether you’re into Linkin Park or not (and I’m not a fan), I can see the message. And the video speaks volumes.

    I can appreciate their efforts, if not their music. Pete, you’re a grumpy old boot. 😉

  9. matt says:

    Now that we’ve had a couple of people come in I can reveal my reason for putting this video onto this blog. I deliberately said little on the original post to see what reaction the band’s song and particularly the video would get.

    Pete’s reaction was to be expected.

    Earthpal, your sort of reaction was what I thought the video was trying to achieve. A message about unecessary destruction by human stupidity. The bit that interests me is not the use of nuclear blasts and nazi salutes. It’s the images of environmental destruction mixed with those images.

    Linkin Park, and I couldn’t care a less about the band, aren’t the first group to focus (if only partly) on environmental destruction but, it’s a fairly recent trend. This band’s music no doubt has a target audience of teenagers, largely American. Music is a powerful medium with which to get social messages across.

    No Pete, not a entirely good production but, a topic to touch on. We at The Coffee House don’t like to be too narrow minded after all, eh Pete. 😉

  10. Pete Smith says:

    earthpal, I tend to get grumpy when I’m insulted. For some reason I don’t take kindly to being labelled an out-of-touch old fogey who thinks popular music died with Alma Cogan.

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