‘Go Zero’

The Old Mill is the headquarters for the Go Zero project in Chew Magna.

Go Zero is a community project based in Chew Magna, near Bristol, in the UK that raises awareness of the environmental and social impact of our everyday actions and provides suggestions for change towards a zero waste society.

It offers affordable and sustainable solutions to reduce and conserve resources and energy, to contract our carbon footprint, and to brighten the lives of the community while recognizing our responsibilities to encourage others throughout the world to do likewise.

Focus Groups
The Go Zero programme is structured around four zero waste focus groups. Their purpose is to explore the issues around each subject and, more importantly, to stimulate action.

These groups are:
» Recycling
» People & Consumption
» Transport & Energy
» The Converging World

To find out more about each individual group and their programme of activity visit Go Zero.

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2 Responses to ‘Go Zero’

  1. earthpal says:

    Sounds commendable and I’ve bookmarked the website. It’s brilliant when there is full cooperation from all the people. That’s when these things work, when everyone pulls together.

  2. matt says:

    It does sound commendable. They do have the advantage of being a small scale settlement (village). I think towns and cities have to rely more so on centralised systems working at council level (e.g. recycling). But it will be interesting to watch their progress.

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