Northstowe to be the UK’s first eco-town.

Map: New eco-town will be located near Oakington, north of Cambridge.

The idea off building an eco-town has been on the drawing board for some time but, has come a step closer to being realised now that English Partnerships have bought the land. The ex-military site of 288ha cost the organisation £100m and it’s proposed that 8,000 homes will be created.

English Partnerships are committed to building all their new constructions to Eco-homes Very Good standard, so energy and water efficiency will be high on the agenda. Its town centre will contain a mix of shops, restaurants, offices and civic uses, and the neighbourhoods will be well supported by local schools and community facilities.

A network of open spaces will run through the area, linking it to the surrounding countryside. Northstowe will be served by the proposed Cambridgeshire Guided Busway to provide public transport links to St Ives, Huntingdon and Cambridge and easy access to a wide range of sub-regional employment and leisure facilities.

Within the town, there will be a network of local roads and walking, cycling and public transport routes. Housing will be provided for all sectors of the community with a full range of tenure options. The town is expected to accommodate up to 8,000 homes, 6,000 of which should be constructed by 2016. Plans for more of these towns are at the early stages of policy making. English Partnerships has been buying up public land for housing schemes for some time.

If you can’t wait that long or would like to build your own eco-house elsewhere check out Green Build Press for useful information and the Ecology Building Society.

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3 Responses to Northstowe to be the UK’s first eco-town.

  1. Day Barr says:

    Interesting then that a Government Planning Inspector recommends that the requirement to create a new country park at Northstowe should be dropped

    Surely a Country Park would be a good thing for an “eco-town”?

  2. Day Barr says:

    And while they’re at it, it would be good if some of the eco-money for Northstowe could be used to save the existing country park in nearby Milton

  3. matt says:

    I was wondering where the discrepancy between the 8000 & 10000 figure for homes being build was coming from. You’ve just answered it. Unfortunately government run/guided projects do tend to be scaled back from original remits all the time. Something about value for tax payers money, in this case the £100m they paid for the land.

    I agree, the country park idea, or something similar should stay within the plans for Northstowe. It is meant to be an ECO-town after all.

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