Beijing artists live in glass box.

Photo: by Dandan Chen for BBC.

Two artists in Beijing, one male and one female have decided to live in a glass box for a month, within a public courtyard. They are attracting a lot attention from passers-by and on the internet within China. They say that they are making a statement about modern Chinese urban life.

The couple’s living space is like the small one-room flat most young couples live in nowadays, show curator Huang Yan said.
“We as modern people are all living in high-rise flats like this. Every morning they come out of that jail, every night they lock themselves up in it. People don’t know each other. “We are losing the sense of community. That could be a price we pay for our advancement,” he said.

This is not the first time Ye Fu, 29, has chosen to live in a strange space for his art. Two years ago, he lived in a bird’s nest within central Beijing to symbolise the shrinking living space for Chinese people when big cities expand.

“China is experiencing radical economic development. People surrender their own thinking to material enjoyment and conformity.”

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  1. josh says:

    sounds like tehching hshieh and what he did in new york a few years ago

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