Communicating the climate change challenge.

David you could be doing a better job of communicating the Climate Change Bill
Photo: We thank the actors above, who may come from Sellafield.

The blog of the UK Environment Secretary, David Miliband is linked on The Coffee House. Today I popped in to have a look (clink!).

From his blog I looked at a post called Citizen’s Summit. Within this brief post I clicked on Defra’s Citizen’s Summit (clink!). Looked interesting enough until I realised that the audience had been invited, that is, especially selected to debate the UK’s Climate Change Bill. False democracy or, shall we say managed democracy.

Worse was to come on this attempt to communicate the climate change challenge. Back at David’s Citizen’s Summit posting is another link, or, Act on CO2. This myspace site has 11 friends and one of it’s Youtube videos has had 66 views.

Somehow I’m coming to the conclusion that Defra need youth in there telling them how it is, how to communicate to their peers, because working this ain’t! The Climate Change Bill is far too important to be pissing taxpayers’ money up the wall. 🙂

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