France goes green.

We'll do this better than Tony Blair!

It’s reported at 3eintelligence ‘French President Nicholas Sarkozy today presented his new cabinet. One of the positive surprises is the nomination of former Prime Minister Alain Juppé to lead a superministery for ecology and sustainable development including environmental, energy, transport and land planning policies. One of Mr Juppé’s main priorities will be to work towards an international agreement to fight climate change. Also on his menu is a reform of the French taxation system along ecological lines.’
Full article here in Le Monde.

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2 Responses to France goes green.

  1. I would not go as far as to state that “France goes green”. For some reason you forgot to quote the last phrase of my post which clearly indicates that the jury is still out for me. I have to grant that Sarko surprises me with this move but let’s wait for the real policies to see whether old (and unsustainable) economic growth or eco-development will be the main driving force of this government.
    It’s all a bit to me like in the old Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and who knows, maybe, in the end, the new French emperor wears no clothes at all 🙂

  2. matt says:

    Hi Willy

    Yes, I expected you to pick me up on that. I decided to, shall we say, bump up the optimism somewhat with the chosen heading to, if nothing else, attract the tag surfers. 🙂

    Sarkosy isn’t playing by the rules which is what’s interesting about him. There will always be the tension between employment and the environment. He or she who manages to bring harmony between the two will be crowned king/queen of planet earth 🙂 . Most certainly that person(s) needs to think outside the box … with a cool, calm head. Not sure Sarkosy has the latter!

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