First Americans killed off by comet.

First American hunters?!

New research reported in Nature claims that 13,000 years ago a comet, 2-3km across, exploded as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere setting off a series of explosions, each the equivalent of an atomic bomb blast. A layer of microscopic diamonds found at 26 different sites in Europe, Canada and America are believed to be the result of the exploding comet.

Allen West, a Arizona geophysicist said, ‘The result would have been hell on Earth. Most of the northern hemisphere would have been left on fire. It would have set fire to animals’ fur and to the clothing worn by men and women. The searing heat would have set fire to the grasslands of the northern hemisphere. Great grazing animals like the mammoth that had survived the original blast would later die in their thousands from starvation. Only animals, including humans, that had a wide range of food would have survived the aftermath.’

American Stone Age hunters, descendants of hunter-gatherers who had migrated from Asia, vanished around this time. The blast also caused a major bout of climatic cooling that lasted for a 1000 years. These two events, as well as the disappearance of mammoths have been hotly debated for decades. Now scientists on this research team believe they have the answer.

The theory is to be outlined by the American Geophysical Union in Acapulco, Mexico this week.

Puts an interesting spin on our current obsession with climate change. Maybe this is a plot driven by the CIA on behalf of the American government, so they have an excuse to keep away any serious agreement at the coming G8 summit regards ‘global warming’. Sounds like a film script for DiCaprio. 🙂

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3 Responses to First Americans killed off by comet.

  1. the Grit says:

    I just read a few articles on DiCaprio’s comments. I haven’t been able to write a post about them yet, because I really can’t type while laughing that hard. Maybe Gore will smack him around for treading on his turf.

    However, this new theory makes a bit more sense than the first few thousand humans in North America slaughtering the large animals to extinction with their high tech stone tipped spears.

    the Grit

  2. matt says:

    It’s an excellent theory.

    It’s kind of easy to forget space is out there but, it’s impact can be far greater than anything planet earth can do to itself, (stares up into the sky waiting for exploding comets. Might be waiting a while, but then again).

  3. Stephan says:

    There is a slight timing problem with this theory; if the comet event is thought to have happend 14,000 years ago, the earliest confirmed evidence for extencive populations of humans in the Americas are for Clovis remains and artifacts dating from c11,000 years ago. These are also often assosiated with mamoth kills – so the mamoths survived and the people weren’t there yet (maybe).

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