Europe to debate cigarette style health warnings for car ads.

Why not slap a little cigarette style health warning on the cars themselves to warn users and secondary inhalers of car fumes (ie. pedestrians). Start off with a little sticker on the back bumper and elevate eventually to a giant sticker covering the whole bonnet.

Of course patches would be made available via the NHS and supermarket petrol stations to help wean users off their driving habit. 🙂

The BBC’s Europe editor is doing his best (we hope!) to try and track the course of this debate through the EU parliamentary process. There’s talk of legislation covering the car ads mentioned, limiting engine size and speed limits. Super sports cars are going to become an endangered species within Europe.

Of course most of the super rich will no doubt solve the problem by parking their super car outside their 2nd/3rd/4th home in Dubai. Plenty of straight desert roads for them to play with.

BBC article.

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2 Responses to Europe to debate cigarette style health warnings for car ads.

  1. Stephan says:

    So will my hydrogen super car be exempt?

  2. matt says:

    In this new world of confused energy logic … possibly maybe. 🙂

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