Carbon slashing heroes: Livingston, Clinton, 5 banks and 15 cities.

Global cities are leading the way in attempting to reduce their carbon footprints. A bank deal brokered by Bill Clinton, who brought together UBS, Citibank, Deutsche, JP Morgan and ABN Amro will target $5bn into a Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Programme .

London Mayor Ken Livingston plans to call in tenders within three months to refit the GLA and other public buildings with insulation, efficient air conditioning and green energy capability such as Combined Cooling Heat and Power and on–site renewables. The 900 buildings run by the Greater London Authority group alone, could save more than 50,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year, and save at least one million pounds through lower energy bills, it is claimed.

The programme will offer building owners a package with three elements: (1) an energy audit to quantify current energy use and emissions from a building and recommendations on a full range of measures to reduce them, (2) a comprehensive, discounted offer of goods and services guaranteed to deliver the identified reductions, and (3) finance to pay for the works, paid back through the guaranteed energy savings.

The C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group was set up by the Mayor of London with the express objective of reducing greenhouse gases from urban areas. In order to achieve this, the C40 entered into a partnership arrangement with the Clinton Climate Initiative, whereby the Clinton Climate Initiative would develop programmes that would help cities drive forward action.

Other cities in the programme include Chicago, New York, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Mexico City, Berlin, Johannesburg, Delhi, Karachi, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Melbourne, and Sao Paulo. The participating energy services companies are Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens and Trane.

Further details here from the GLA.

Further information on the C40 programme here where you can track the progress of each city involved. That’s the power of internet!

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6 Responses to Carbon slashing heroes: Livingston, Clinton, 5 banks and 15 cities.

  1. Govind Singh says:

    Will the US ever sign Kyoto?
    If they are serious in reducing their Carbon footprints..thats the first step they shoud do!

    Else…its time we better start naming Carbon villains as well.

  2. matt says:

    Yes well, I think Govind that the carbon ‘villains’ are fairly well known, which is why a focus on agents of change, in this case cities, makes a nice change.

    I think people get fed up with bad environment news. We know there’s plenty of it out there! People do want to hear of solutions and the above posting is about a very comprehensive approach to city energy use reductions.

    People interestingly don’t often comment on good news that we post here. They seem to prefer to comment on the bad!

  3. earthpal says:

    Yes Matty, it’s the same with complaining isn’t it. We are quick to complain about bad services we recieve but when we recieve good services, we stay quiet.

    I had a lovely, kind and helpful man serve me at a supermarket a while ago. I took note of his name and on my way out I looked for the manager and told him. It actually felt good.

    Thanks for bringing us this “good news” Matt. It’s very reassuring to know that some of our politicians are acting responsibly and taking the issue seriously. Hopefully the building refit schemes will extend to smaller towns and ordinary homes too.

    And well done to Ken Livingstone for setting up the C40 scheme. T’is commendable indeed.

  4. matt says:

    Yes, Ken really does seem to be going beyond the rhetoric.

    I also take my hat off to him for fighting the Black cabs & Westminster Council to make sure Trafalgar Square was redeveloped to the excellent pedestrian space that it now is. Very inspiring.

  5. inel says:

    We need more climate heroes!

    I agree with matt and earthpal:

    bad news is easy to push;
    misinformation is easy to spread;
    complaints are easy to make (we even have processes to deal with them);
    criticising and destroying others words and efforts is easy to do.

    You are right to highlight success stories, or even ideas that give people hope. Earlier today, one story made me smile ~ a former brewery is to become a green research lab and the largest solar power project in Austin, Texas! They like super-size in TX, so if this catches on, who knows where it could lead?

    London is much cleaner than it was a decade or two ago, and public transport is great (and free for kids!)

  6. matt says:

    Unfortunately there are too many ‘environmentalists’ who like to whinge at people. As you say, that’s so easy to do that it holds no merit.

    Highlighting issues is important and The Coffee House has been at the forefront for example in criticising biofuels. Highlighting possible solutions is just as critical.

    Societies have to stop running merely to stand still.

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