Craggers go international!


Castle Crag

Want to participate in what is fast becoming latest thing in green personal responsibility, then start a CRAG. People all over the UK are getting together on a voluntary basis to form Carbon Rationing Action Groups CRAG’s. Each group negotiates a constitution allocating an annual carbon ration to be divided equally amongst its members, and rules about what happens when exceedences occur. At the end of the year they hold a ‘carbon audit’ and individuals make contributions to the group based on their emissions levels. Several dozen CRAGs have been formed over the past year, and recently the first overseas group has been set up in Maryland, USA. So whether it is out of a desire to start making a difference in the battle against climate change, or if you what to better understand how you might be affected if mandatory carbon emissions allowances were introduced – something the UK government is considering right now; Cragging might be just up your street!

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5 Responses to Craggers go international!

  1. matt says:

    And this is their selling line;

    ‘*Do you agree we all have an equal responsibility for the atmosphere upon which we all depend?
    *Do you agree with the principle of “the polluter pays”?
    *Do you believe that we can show government the way?

    If you answered yes to these questions, you don’t need any more reasons!’

    Their last point is a bit strong. PCA’s or Personal Carbon Allowances are already on the government’s medium term agenda.

  2. Pete Smith says:

    I quite like this idea, it’s a bit like Weightwatchers for carbon emissions. I checked out their web site, there isn’t a group that near me, perhaps I’ll have to start one from scratch.

  3. matt says:

    > … it’s a bit like Weightwatchers for carbon emissions.

    LOL. Excellent analogy!

    I see it more as something a local street communist party organisation would run. Lots of neighbours spying on neighbours. 🙂

  4. Stephan says:

    Matt, it is interesting that ‘Fire and forget’ initiatives by the rich – such as Coolearth – seem to apeal to you; whilst ‘Cragging’, which involves personal resposibility and individual participation, is seen as a communist plot. A more ‘bottom up’ approach to dealing with environmental problems I have yet to see:)

  5. matt says:

    It’s really about packaging, how something is being sold. Coolearth looks and sounds good. Cragging (read shagging) crossed with book clubs and the Womens Institute. One couldn’t get a more confused message! LOL.


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