Greeks subject to hell fire.

Example of forest fire devastation

People are dying across Greece, Italy and Romania as temperatures recently soared to 46 degrees C. Dozens of fires are raging around Athens as the city suffers from several power outages resulting from the scramble to cool down with air conditioning. Some 23 people have died in Romania as the extreme temperatures impact heavily on the elderly.

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Meanwhile in the UK people are seriously fed up with the non-stop rain, particularly some 3500 people who have had to be rescued by the military and emergency services from their flooded homes and work places. It is now believed to be the biggest UK rescue effort in history during peace time.

Just 3 hours flying time between these two parts of Europe but, worlds apart as they suffer the extremes of weather brought on by climate change. Hey, but that’s OK because Gore’s bands of merry men will be here next weekend to save our souls.

Play it again Uncle Sam …..

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5 Responses to Greeks subject to hell fire.

  1. earthpal says:

    My heart goes out to those people who have lost everything to the floods. Insurance is fine but it doesn’t compensate for the personal stuff does it.

    And for those who have died because of the heatwave or, closer to home, due to the floods, it’s just heartbreaking.

    And yet, as you say . . . the concert will . . . I don’t know actually. What will the concert achieve?

  2. suburbanlife says:

    The concert(s) will pretty much reflect what Nero did, ‘fiddling while Rome burned’. We continue to entertain ourselves to death, dancing all the meanwhile…

  3. the Grit says:

    Hi y’all,

    While the weather you describe sounds much like what we typically get, California is either flooding or burning, while Texas is doing the opposite, if you’re not used to it, I can see why it might be upsetting.

    As to Gore, I have it from a highly unreliable source, that he is actually going to perform on stage, by doing the robot dance 🙂 Oh, and he will be purchasing carbon offsets to green up the complex system of computer controlled muscle stimulating electrodes needed to accomplish this feat.

    the Grit

  4. matt says:

    Well we already know the US is condemned to fire & brimstone for all its sins. We in Europe are far too civilized and therefore such punishment is not called for. 😉

  5. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    I consider Al Gore punishment enough 🙂

    the Grit

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