Doctor NO : Dr Francis Manns

Dr Francis Manns; no one knows where he currently works or lives. He seems to revel in being notoriously rude in his dealings with other scientists, particularly on the subject on anthropogenic climate change. Dr Fran Manns refers to it incorrectly as ‘global warming’.

Dr Francis Manns recently visited The Coffee House and left a rather curt comment. The Doctor may live in the Tardis for all we know but he is very busy leaving his charming comments all over the blogland and webworld.

As The Coffee House is well known for its debating format it is only right that we publish some of his thoughts here. Oh, and if anyone knows where this guy works please do get in touch.

Some recent comments from Dr Francis Manns found on another blog;

‘Dr. Francis T. Manns Says:
June 4th, 2007 at 1:15 am
And now to NASA. It is pretty clear that Hansen’s and Mahlman’s comments critical of the calmer statements of their Boss NASA Administrator Michael Griffin are argumentum ad hominem because their careers at NASA have been hung on one weak nail – anthropocentric global warming.

As it turns out many scientists, particularly geologists who have training in areas of Paleoclimate are not alarmed. Climate has always changed. …and it has changed within a range that accommodates life on the planet. Earth has experienced billions upon billions of life giving and enhancing experiences over 4.5 billion years of evolution. This cycle is nothing new except rich prosperous people like Mr. Gore live longer and are able to manipulate the data in their minds to produce a powerful, if incorrect ‘truth’. Climate is changing, change is bad. Mostly there is primitive fear of the unknown generated by opportunistic hypocrites to the detriment of the world’s marginal societies.

Gore’s presentation is very stale; no new data. Data are produced every day that add to the sum of human knowledge.

The IPCC has cooked the books on the Mann Hockey stick, which left out the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. The IPCCs use of isotopes and CO2 measurements from ice core also miss these events which led to the occupation of Greenland, vinyards in England followed by human extinction in Greenland and Alpine villages being overrun by glaciers.

CO2 was as high as 400ppm in 1942 only to fall again during the 1940-60 cooling period. It enters and leaves the ocean freely. CO2 has inverse solubility in water. It dissolves in cold water and bubbles out of warm. There is a beautiful equilibrium to all that that Mr. Gore and the IPCC do not care to mention or debate. All that is left is argumentum ad hominem about honest scientists who are saying “relax, the planet is fine.” Instead there is a pseudoscientific McCarthyism in society that actually supports the left!

You want argumentum ad hominem – How the heck did Hansen get out of grad school? I guess you can get a PhD with partial credit, honesty notwithstanding.
…As for Hansen’s comment about sea level rise – It has risen 125 metres in the past 18,000 years and mankind survived. Divide 125,000 mm by 18,000 years and you can see for yourself how alarmist’s can ring your bell… The current IPCC prediction is 2-3 mm per year. That’s a miniscule amount on any ruler, and is compensated by isostacy, plate tectonics, and continental drift. Hansen and many others work in a vacuum or an ivory tower. The planet is a lot larger than their imagination.
I welcome debate, but Gore and Suzuki do not. Why do you suppose that is the case?

Dr. Francis T. Manns’

Go figure! 🙂

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35 Responses to Doctor NO : Dr Francis Manns

  1. Pete Smith says:

    Dr Francis T. Manns, Ph.D., P.Geo., is Principal of Artesian Geological Research, which according to Google has , or has had, addresses at a couple of locations:
    323 Blantyre Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M1N 2S6
    106 Scarborough Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 3M5
    I can find no web presence for this company.

    Dr Mann’s PhD thesis:

    MANNS,FT (1982) Stratigraphic Aspects of the Silurian-Devonian Sequence Hosting Zinc and Lead Mineralization near Robb Lake, Northeastern British Columbia. PhD Thesis, University of Toronto, 252pp. (1982).

    Since then, I can find no evidence of further publications or indeed of any academic work.

  2. matt says:

    Thanks Pete.

    Doesn’t look as though this guy plays the ‘normal’ game of academia; incessantly publishing papers to journals for peer review etc. etc.

    Mysterious indeed. Wonder if the Geological Society in London has heard of him.

  3. Pete Smith says:

    He’s not an academic, that’s pretty clear. This company he heads up sounds as if it’s got oil connections. I suspect he’s a one-man-band consultancy. Or a nutter. Or both.

  4. matt says:

    Manns once worked for Northgate Exploration Limited;

    Company website;

    A past company of his, Mann Oil Resources Inc had a CTO (cease trade order) slapped on him in Canada. A CTO ‘prevents specific individuals and companies from trading in securities.’
    See National CTO Database and scroll down.

    He has contributed a (PDF) [as Artesian Geological Research] with a
    discussion on ‘Essential basic concepts in mining geostatistics and their links’ to
    the South African Journal of Geology.2000; 103: 97-98

    Nothing of any other significance can be found on Artesian Geological Research, which is the reference Dr Francis T Manns uses. I guess he’s not very busy, oh except he does find lots of time to cruise blogland & webworld to counter anthropogenic CC arguments!

  5. Pete Smith says:

    Ace sleuthing Matt! I did find the SAJG article, but promptly lost it again.

    It’s pretty clear that, whatever Manns’ track record as a jobbing geologist, he has no qualifications in climate science. I think we can safely ignore anything he says. There’s enough ACC-deniers out there as it is without encouraging another one.

  6. Robert Talbot says:


    I have just stumbled across this website whilst entering ‘Great Green Smoke Screen’ into Google to see when it might be rescheduled.

    I am not climatologist, geologist or anything, just someone trying to formulate an opinion on the subject of climate change.

    My current thoughts are that I am surprised just how debate is silenced on the subject. It seems to me that climate change is a fact, non negotiable, beyond discussion, and those that don’t agree are heretics. Similar to people who said the world might not be flat, or that the earth might not be at the centre of the universe. This type of stiffling of debate is unhealthy and dangerouse for all the obvious reasons, and I am seeing this again here where you are quick to dig dirt and discredit someone who expresses an opinion that is contrary to your own. It is unhealthy and sad. I hope you will reconsider your choice of words when dealing with people who express differing opinions to your own. I know there are trolls and troublemakers, but do not stoop to their level! Please!

  7. matt says:


    Thanks. 🙂 And yes, I’ve come to the same conclusion. He’s a waste of space.

  8. matt says:

    Hi Robert

    Yes, it’s true that climate change it a fact. No-one disputes that. The disagreement for some people is over what is causing the climate change (humans or the sunspots for example); how significant are the changes; what are the impacts and therefore, does it really matter?

    The majority of people understanding the science believe humans are at fault, that the impact is huge and it certainly does matter. You’ll be glad to know that we here at The Coffee House want this to be proved wrong. Hence debate is welcome. Unfortunately Dr Fran Manns is a very rude little fellow …. who should therefore be dropped from a great height. 🙂

    We also like to have a sense of humour.

  9. Pete Smith says:

    In a way it’s unfortunate this thread is your introduction to our site, because it’s not typical. We make a point of encouraging open and free-ranging debate on all environmental issues, and if you were to read some of the other threads you would realise that.
    This thread is also atypical becuase we’ve had to deal with a contributor who obviously is incapable of debate in the usual sense of the word. Dr Manns’ technique is to stick a pithy couple of lines into a thread and then disappear again. He brought nothing to the party but a patronising and offensive tone, he contributed no facts or arguments, he didn’t justify his high-handed and superior attitude, and frankly he’s fair game. If we want to investigate our almost anonymous contributor, just this once, then we damn well will.
    Matt’s right, climate change is a fact. Period. The causes and the science that underpins them are, in my opinion but not necessarily in others’, not 100% established. I think I’ve been consistent in putting this personal view forward for debate and criticism, primarily in the interests of increasing my knowledge of the issues. See our recent thread “Fjord Mud Predicts Global Cooling”.
    Pete Smith

  10. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt, Pete,

    Then send Dr. Manns over to us. We can always use a good scandal 😉

    the Grit

  11. matt says:

    Hey Grit

    I believe he’s hiding out on your continent. Know any good bounty hunters?

  12. inel says:

    Hello Robert,

    My current thoughts are that I am surprised just how debate is silenced on the subject.

    Debate is not silenced on the subject of climate change. Quite the contrary! In fact, the problem is that debate is being manufactured by special interests whose goals are to prevent action being taken. Dr. Francis T. Manns is amongst those who are promoting misinformation to confuse members of the public and delay or inhibit a positive response.

    The point that seems to be missing in debates about about climate change certainty is a reality check. We are rarely certain about anything, yet humans still take action. Every day, each of us is faced with decisions that need to be made, and we still get out of bed to deal with some of them! There is no reason why we cannot take action to combat climate change before it is too late, instead of waiting for trouble to be upon us. We know enough to act.

    The real climate change debate has moved on. There is no point in debating something we know to be true. However, there is real value in debating what should be done about it and how. Constructive debate is good. Change is good, as long as it is constructive and opens up opportunities.

    I concur with Matt and Pete that The Coffee House does not usually get bogged down by the rude guys 😉

  13. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry but the only bounty hunter I know of got into trouble by dragging a criminal back from Mexico without filling out the proper paperwork, and greasing the right palms. However, our immigration enforcement agency is only running around 12 million people behind, so I’m sure they’ll get to him soon 😉

    the Grit

  14. global warming is becoming such a obvious problem that someone somewhere other than Al Gore needs to step up to help drive the bus!

  15. Stephen says:

    I’m an environmental journalist and Mann rudely slammed one of my articles on ocean acidification recently. I can tell you he knows nothing about climate or marine science — or science in general. He disputes that oceans are becoming more acidic — just go out and measure and compare to past measurements and, hey guess what, it’s more acidic.

    You guys did a great job figuring out who is … thanks.

    As for his comments about higher CO2 in 1942 – he is making this stuff up or relying on some quack. Measurable fact that global temperatures are higher and the trend is upward.

    I wish this Mann idiot was right. But most scientists tell me off the record that climate change is happening way faster than they ever dared say, including sea level rise. don’t buy any coastal property.

  16. matt says:

    Hi Stephen,

    It was a joy to flush this guy out. Last I heard he was roughing it.

    Coastal property, no way! That polar ice melt is coming our way.

  17. Col says:

    Hi everyone,

    My father actually happens to be good friends with Dr. Fran Manns, and believes what he says. Unfortunately, my father is not a scientist, and does not really understand the science behind climate change (he thinks it all has to do with solar fluctuations, sun spots, and volcanoes)…he often sources Dr. Manns. The latest is a powerpoint presentation that he has sent my dad suggesting why climate change is not human induced. Unfortunately, I myself am no expert on the science of climate change either, and I cannot honestly critique something I am not very well educated in. However, reading your posts, I know Dr. Manns doesn’t know much about climate change either, and I would love to debunk him to my dad. If anyone is willing, I would be more than happy to e-mail Manns’ presentation to someone educated to disseminate. Thanks a lot.

  18. matt says:

    Hi Col

    You can send it to the email on the About page on this site. We may be able to find someone to critique it. However, I do warn you that if the attachment is loaded with a virus it will be blown out of the water.

    Btw, how does your father know Dr Manns and where is he living now? What is he doing these days to earn a dime?

  19. Aido says:

    I´m Col´s brother.

    Dr. Manns lives in Toronto and I believe he works for the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

    Our father has known Dr. Manns for years; the nature of their friendship is non-professional so I don´t think it would be appropriate to delve into that here.

  20. matt says:

    OK, thanks. I have checked your information and indeed this appears correct.

    You may like to ask Dr Manns about the outcome from the subject of the following link; (just out of curiosity). Although I understand you probably don’t see him often yourselves, if at all.

    Have received your email. Will get back but this may take a while.

  21. Col says:

    Wow, that’s pretty interesting…

    The letter I think was written at the end of 2004 and was intended to be a sample letter to send Dr. Manns to stop Ascendant Copper Corporation from entering the Toronto Strock Exchange (TSX). It doesn’t look like Dr. Manns took their advice, because it looks like it’s trading OK on the TSX:

    I guess this isn’t necessarily related to my initial concern, but it doesn’t paint a nicer picture of Dr. Manns. I will see if I can investigate any further.

  22. matt says:

    Doctor Manns is well known for trawling the net for CC debate and leaving his own thoughts on the matter by first rubbishing what others have to say and then rubbishing their professional career/qualifications.

    Quite frankly he comes across as a very angry, nasty, crazed individual. Someone not to be taken seriously.

    Anyway, to your quest for knowledge on anthropogenic CC. I suggest the two following sites which deal almost exclusively with CC;

    1. Tamino –

    2. Real Climate –

    Good luck and let us know how you get on. 🙂

  23. Paul S. says:

    What I see here is a bunch of folks with no credentials of their own, rudely questioning the credentials of dr. Mann. That in my opinion makes his views and opinions every bit as credible as yours. I have read other threads from “The Coffee House”, and find it amazing how Al Gore with absolutely no scientific credentials gets a free pass, whereas a geologist gets zilch. Yet some woud rudely drop Dr. Mann from where?

  24. matt says:

    He is rude in his approach to others. End of story.

    The Coffee House doesn’t take Gore particularly seriously either. That’s a US preoccupation.

  25. James Ritchie says:

    Global warming became global climate change when the earth stopped warming and pseudo-scientists pushing science by assertion decided not to admit they weren’t playing with a full deck.

    I don’t know who this guy is, but anyone who believes in man-made global warming, based on current evidence, or who thinks climate change isn’t going to happen with or without man, isn’t too bright.

    This guy is certainly long-winded, but most of those who believe in man-made global warming, or man-made climate change, show no evidence at all of even knowing what real science is. I.Q. of a potted plant comes to mind.

  26. matt says:

    The argument is kind of immaterial as the changes are happening anyway. The Siberian peat bogs are releasing methane at such a rate that any changes we attempt are insignificant. The climate change argument has taken people’s minds off the fact that we are impacting our environments negatively in so many other ways. Poisoning our food sources is plain stupid for example.

    There’s nothing wrong with looking at improving the way we deal with our waste streams and being more efficient with energy. That’s simply makes for more intelligent use of resources and organisation of our societies.

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  28. Brendan Murphy says:

    One of my students, I teach a grade 7 class here in Toronto, came across your website as we researched global warming. Well, quite frankly, I, and my students, were quite shocked at the way you showed such disrespect to Dr Mans and his views. Why on Earth would you want to know where this person lives? That is very disturbing.
    I know very little about global warming but I know kids. If we, as adults , behave like this, don’t be surprised if our children will be afraid to speak out, go their own way or be brave enough to resist the pressure of their peers. This is not the way to win people over to the potential catastrophe of global warming.
    If anyone wants my address I will be happy to provide; drop by for a cold beer or a piece of pie and some good coffee.
    Brendan Murphy

  29. matt says:

    Hi Brendan

    You’ve not spent time looking at the reason for tracking Manns down or his reputation on the net or amongst other scientists; that much is clear.

    Manns has distressed 100s of folk across the internet with his rude and pointed comments, then failed to back them up with a traceable CV which is the reason for tracking him. We’re very proud of having exposed his falsehoods.

    I would hope as a teacher you are showing your pupils the importance of backing an argument up with evidence and track record.

    I do understand the thrust of your comment and thank you for it. I wish your students luck in their studies.

  30. fahrusha says:

    After putting up a blog piece on “Earth Hour” I received a comment from Manns, which I published and attempted to refute.
    I’d appreciate any other comments that might aid me in this effort to dispel environmental misinformation however couched in his scientific wordplay.

  31. Just come across this blog, and am interested. The first question I always put to people who talk or write with apparent authority on climate and climate change is “Have you, /personally/, ever carried out extensive or (even desultory) analyses of numerical climate data (long time series of temperatures, ice core composition, tree ring thicknesses, varve depths, precipitation data – rainfall, river flows etc – sunspot numberst, and so on)?

    The tools you need are the data themselves plus good statistical analysis software, together with graphical display systems for numerical data. Some people use Excel, I believe, though I would not.

    The reason for asking this question is that many academics and organisations who publish on climate affairs seem not always to be fully aware of all the relevant information, or to use techniques that tend to disguise certain important features of the data. I don’t know why they do this, unless it is to reinforce their already formed ideas.

    I have learned to be very wary indeed of what I read or see regarding climate affairs until I have personally collected the numbers and made my own analyses.

    Unfortunately, one of the real troubles that afflict those who attempt to re-analyse climate data is that some authors can be very reluctant indeed to release data. Can’t imagine why, but it happens.


  32. matt says:


    Sure, happens on both sides of any argument. What matters is which direction the consensus is moving.

  33. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    Consensus has nothing to do with it. Science is what matters, and the science behind Global Warming is junk (go hunt up the density of data points provided by the tiny number of long term weather stations – hint, it’s something like one every 300 miles,) which is what a rational person would expect seeing as how the chief Global Warming advocate, Dr. Hansen, is insane.

    the Grit

  34. matt says:


    Consensus, as you well know, is how we as humans move forward. There is consensus on climate change. ‘Global warming’? … you Americans need to start using the right term.

  35. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    Consensus has no place in real science, only facts and theories that can be proved by experiment. Laws of nature aren’t decided on by a show of hands. Of course, I will grant you that the Global Warming theory isn’t backed by any real science, so your point is valid, as far as it goes.

    As to the application of politically correct terms to “science,” when you point me to a “climate change” fear monger who isn’t warning that the planet is warming, I’ll call it such. Until then, Global Warming is more appropriate.

    And back to the consensus on the subject, that state of agreement has only been reached by members of the various governments who see political advantage in the unproven crisis. If you filter out the government influence and media basis from the news, the majority view is that Global Warming isn’t real or that much more research needs to be done to prove it.

    the Grit

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