Live Earth / 7th July / Madonna / all ‘hung up’ over Carbon Footprint!

Oh dear, poor Madonna. She’s headlining the London Live Earth show this weekend and has done a special song and video for it that has a positive environment message. So what does the BBC do? You guessed it! They decided to check out Madonna’s carbon footprint with the help of a few cp ‘consultants’.

OK, to be fair it was a bit rudimentary and they did include her recent world tour with its 100 persons support act. The bottom line?

*** Madonna’s carbon footprint for a year is equivalent to 14000 people in Malawi (where her adopted child comes from). ***

Shock, horror? No not really.

Hypocrisy? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Did she want to co-operate with the BBC on this?

Apparently she got a little um, …hung up. So, no is the answer.

The BBC. They’re just so naughty aren’t they. 🙂

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7 Responses to Live Earth / 7th July / Madonna / all ‘hung up’ over Carbon Footprint!

  1. Calvin Jones says:

    Today, in the UK the top 5% of earners emitt around 40 times more than the bottom 5%.

    Wealth corrolates well with consumption, consumption in a fossil fuel based economy equates with emisssions.

    Live Earth is trying to build political pressure to change this.

  2. matt says:

    Is it!?

    We need good solid policy implementation Calvin, not soda pop ideas full of noisy fizz, that have a 24 hour impact and are forgotten the following week.

    You do surprise me Calvin, knowing your blogging background as I do. 🙂

  3. matt says:

    By chance I came across Madonna’s blog. I tried putting up a comment, inviting her to answer her BBC critics via our humble little blog. My comment never got accepted but she has answered back indirectly via her latest post;

    Apparently the weather’s good on Saturday. Hope so; I’m having a party too! I don’t think Madonna will be coming; too tired after her show.


  4. matt says:

    The International Herald Tribune also discusses this today at their ‘Business of Green’ blog;

  5. lamarguerite says:

    Yes, authenticity or rather the lack of it, is a big thing in the green movement. I applaud you for all the good info shared in all your posts. A few months ago, I decided to turn inward and look inside myself for such inconsistencies. The result has been a fascinating journey, which I share in my blog, “My Inconvenient Truth: The Daily Sins of a Green Girl Wannabe”. I would love to hear back from your on the topic. For instance, what are some of the inconsistencies in your own life as a Green Boy Wannabe?


  6. matt says:

    The inconsistencies are a never ending journey of shiney shelves full of shiney goods that are there for the taking because our country’s corporations, diplomats, government officials, military and secret services are there to serve our economic machine that our wage packets support, our spending decisions keep oiled.

    Changing our ways and providing a smaller environmental impact; is it a journey of smoke and mirrors, a journey of shattered dreams? That depends on so many things, not least of all the level you set yourself for your own expectations.

    Some things you can’t change until other agents of society provide those options. Of course, you can at this point get into campaigning to try and quicken the pace of change. But that’s a whole different ball game.

    I’ll certainly pop over to your blog margueritte. 🙂

  7. lamarguerite says:

    Yes to all of the above, Matt!

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