Skiathos burns as fires continue to rage across Greece.

Fires have swept across the Med this summer.

Greece has been afflicted by a seemingly never-ending series of fires this summer, says the BBC’s Athens correspondent. In the latest inferno hundreds of holidaymakers have been evacuated from hotels on the Greek island of Skiathos to escape raging forest fires.

British tourists on the heavily-wooded island of Skiathos described the progress of the fire as absolutely terrifying. Holidaymaker Ian Watts and his girlfriend grabbed their valuables and fled to the island’s main town. Mr Watts said the fire was consuming about 500m of forest every hour. The flames came down to the far end of the beach and burned sunbeds.

On Wednesday, three firefighters on the island of Crete were killed when they were trapped by swirling flames suddenly changing direction in powerful winds.

Temperatures in Greece and other parts of the Mediterranian have reached over 50C.

In pictures (Athens surrounded by flames).

Update: (27/07/07) A second heatwave sparks more fires. Read more here.

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