Flooding: a global phenomenon on the increase?

Photo: Submerged cars in a Tewkesbury car park. Photo by Aaron Floyd.

The global phenomenon of being attacked by angry walls of surging water would almost be farcical if wasn’t so widespread and serious. As the UK experiences another major flood within weeks of the last one we hear that the same thing is occurring in New Zealand, which is on the other side of planet earth.

The town of Kaeo in northern New Zealand was recently under water and now the residents and various agencies have met to decide the town’s fate, including the option of moving it altogether. NZ’s prime minister, Helen Clark said last week Kaeo and other small towns established on the banks of rivers needed to consider their situations.

“In an age when there is human impact on climate change, are we going to be able to sustain those communities?” she said.

“The problem in some of our small townships is that with floodwaters going through fairly regularly, people can’t be insured.”

More on the NZ flood discussion here.

Meanwhile, back in the UK we find that Gloucestershire is suffering a flood as bad as the great flood of 1947. Whole towns are under up to 5ft of water. The environmental affects of this will be different to 1947 in some respects. The huge number of cars around today mean that many have been caught up in the flood waters. All will have to be taken away and crushed.

Many of these towns affected by the current floods are on flood plains. It maybe that the UK needs to start a more serious dialogue similar to New Zealands, about the option of moving whole towns out of these floodplains. Putting old brick houses onto stilts is obviously not an option. Bringing in earth moving machines to help built huge flood protection banks may also prove just as non-sensical.

More on the current UK floods here.

For up to date data on current flooding across the world visit the Flood Observatory. It looks like 2007 so far has been a very busy year.

In Texas they have had up to 18 inches of rain on Central Texas over just one night. They have had more than 40 days and 40 nights of storms in Texas. Must be time to get out that bible and pray.

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4 Responses to Flooding: a global phenomenon on the increase?

  1. Dave On Fire says:

    don’t forget china, pakistan, sudan and, last year, bolivia.

  2. matt says:

    I haven’t.

    If you check the ‘Flood Observatory’ link I provided above, you will find all the flood information you want. They haven’t yet added the latest UK flood though.

  3. Silver says:

    Put some dates on when it has happened

  4. William Le says:

    I do believe that it is increasing!
    Especially, South East Asia! Last year about 9 or 10 come into the indochina! Now about 7-8 , and in the middle of storming season!

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