Italy burns while Britain drowns.

Europe’s weather extremes continue with fires breaking out all over Italy and floods hitting considerable areas of central and southern Britain. The weather men and women are enjoying the limelight as they get pulled in for studio interviews to explain what might be going on with the current extreme weather patterns.

For the latest overview from the BBC on the UK floods go here.

For the hot Italian situation go here.

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4 Responses to Italy burns while Britain drowns.

  1. Pete Smith says:

    Not sure the weather persons are enjoying all of it! The BBC’s decided that their news programmes should be anchored ‘in the field’, which means waist deep in water where a field used to be. They’ve now taken to dragging the weather gurus from their nice warm studios and out on location.

  2. matt says:

    Nothing like a little field trip to get one back into the swing of things.

    I notice little if anything about the farm animals has been reported. ‘Farming Today’ did interview some farmer out west who mentioned his neighbour’s chickens being swept away …. all 100,000 of them. Wouldn’t want them turning up in one’s flooded kitchen downstream.

  3. britandgrit says:

    Hi y’all,

    I know of what you speak on the weather people topic. Several times a year we get waves of major thunderstorms, that all too often produce tornadoes. We also have 4 major local TV stations. During these weather emergencies, they take over the air waves with live broadcasts of where the storms are, where they are likely to go, and such. The competition is so fierce for storm time dominance, that each station has gone to the considerable expense of installing their own Doppler radar equipment with ranges up to 300 miles, along with the latest computer equipment so they can overlay the radar data on maps of the area, down to a scale that almost shows individual houses. If you like reality shows, this is one of the most interesting.

    the Grit

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