Sweet, chewing over the issues with you. Nice to see summer has finally arrived too! 🙂
( Correction: summer has gone again! 😦 )

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4 Responses to 30,000

  1. earthpal says:

    They look lovely and juicy. Are they sugar-free? If so, can I have one?

    I do wonder – all this “chewing over the issues” – has it actually made people think? Random people who read the blogs, have they perhaps learnt something that they didn’t know or weren’t aware until they read some of these written discussions? I think yes. And that makes it worthwhile.

    Yes, Summer is here. Don’t forget to watch the meteor show this weekend. I hope the skies are clear above your world so you can see more clearly.

  2. matt says:

    Meteor show?!

    I think the more people chatting about and thinking about these things, in this case issues linked to the environment, the better. The level of consciousness rises and people demand more action from their institutions. Certainly this has happened in a big way over the last two years.

  3. neath says:


  4. matt says:

    Hey neath, thanks. Good to hear from you over there in Canada. 🙂

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