The Ampere Strikes Back


In a new report, ‘The Ampere Strikes Back: how consumer electronics are taking over the world’, the Energy Saving Trust predicts that by 2020 45% of the UK electricity, around 34TWh (terawatt-hours), will be devoted to running “gadgets”. Televisions alone will account for 16TWh. Over £12bn pounds are spent on consumer electronics and computers each year in the UK alone. By 2010, consumer electronics will be the single largest consumer of domestic electricity, exceeding lighting and heating.

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One Response to The Ampere Strikes Back

  1. matt says:

    Certainly as one walks down one’s own street one notices more and more of these giant digitally clear colourful screens flickering scenes of crap TV nonscense out into the night air …. where no one dare walks alone anymore … (doesn’t one).

    OK, a little Orwellian perhaps (via the corporate back door) but, people do look rather consumed by these giant TVs, as if mesmerized. 🙂

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