Temple til ya drop, pray to ebay for ya favourite frock, cause it’s cheap, almost free and hey, what else matters on a rainy day. For the masses are free with, providing all ya need, all ya want 24/7, that’s the religion, nothing else can we see. The soil we walk upon may grow nothing, flow through with poison …. so what when we can fly in tonight’s takeaway for the internet family. Ha, aren’t the poor there to serve the rich anyways. Ain’t no birds, ain’t no bees … all lies on a fly-by, cheap dirty airlines, what’s ya kick, don’t flip … just pay out. Consumer slave.

Take it!

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2 Responses to ShopShopShopShopShopShopShop

  1. earthpal says:

    Well I had to listen a few times to catch everything the guy said at the beginning but certainly can’t disagree with the message.

    Those Faithless guys practise some kind of Buddhism I think. Maximum respect to them and all that. 😎

    (I wonder if that gem in the picture is a conflict diamond).

  2. matt says:

    > I wonder if that gem in the picture is a conflict diamond …

    As bloody as they come …. one way or another.

    Faithless: I used to know their bass guitarist as he lived in my street. And he was definitely a hippie!

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