UK 2007: a year for extreme weather.

A shop in the city of Bristol is ablaze after being struck by lightning.

Lightning strikes dramatically over the Fawley Oil Refinery in Hampshire.

Severn Valley Railway’s John Leach looks at the damage caused by overnight flash floods to rail lines outside the village of Highley, Shropshire.

Shaken Bridge in Hawnby, North Yorkshire was badly damaged as freak weather caused the River Rye to burst its banks.

London is close to confirming that it will go ahead and spend £20 billion on constructing a new Thames Barrier. It is thought the current one, which has only be around for a generation, can no longer protect the nation’s power house against extreme weather combinations, such as tidal surges and storms combined with a high tide.

The Met Office have recently said that 2007 looks like being the wettest ever!

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2 Responses to UK 2007: a year for extreme weather.

  1. Govind says:

    Gosh! Reminds me of the movie – The Day After Tomorrow!!!

  2. matt says:

    I know. Hollywood should be careful for what it wishes. Their disaster movie scenarios are into real horror stories!

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