Bob Crowe: environmentalist hero!

Professor Ian Roberts believes we must force change in human behaviour to save our planet.

This week London’s Underground network was for a day or two a shadow of its former busy self. The maintenance staff had walked out in strike over concerns for their pensions after maintenance company Metronet recently called in the administrators after suffering serious financial problems.

Many commuters had to make alternative travel arrangements. Taking the car would be expensive with the congestion charge and hefty parking charges. Many would try to get on all ready full buses with no luck. That left walking or cycling and that of course is what more people than usual did.

It is for this reason that Professor Ian Roberts of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine labelled RMT general secretary Bob Crowe’s strike action a positive for the environment.

Maybe change does come about by accident. Certainly useful change is often a positive spin-off from a greater turmoil.

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