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Tread Lightly

The Guardian newspaper has contacted The Coffee House to promote its “Tread Lightly” project, not to be confused with Eurostar’s emissions reduction initiative of the same name. Guardian readers are urged to adopt low-carbon lifestyles, share hints and tips, and … Continue reading

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Nature Can Be Dull

Picture from But not as dull as SEAT, who say on the one hand “The spirit of competition comes with a price: responsibility. SEAT has always been acutely aware of this in regard to sustainability and protection of the … Continue reading

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Nightmare on the high seas.

The Coffee House reported in May about the North Pacific gyre becoming a dead zone for human plastic trash. This is clearly taking hold on the imagination of the public judging by the number of hits received. People are particularly … Continue reading

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Eurostar – ‘carbon neutral’ inaugural journey from its new station, St Pancras.

On November 14th 2007 Eurostar will start operating out of their new station at St Pancras. They have teamed up with Friends of the Earth for a big party over at Paris and are claiming a carbon neutral journey. How … Continue reading

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US has the dirtiest planes.

U.S. airlines largely stopped ordering new planes after Sept. 11, 2001, shrinking their fleets to adjust to a drop in demand. Travel has rebounded strongly, but airlines are, for the most part, years away from taking delivery on large numbers … Continue reading

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Give the dog a bone. 🙂 Happy Halloween to you all. Time to think of family and friends that have passed on and to wish their protection for the current harvest. Hey, we’re going to need it. Hasn’t this been … Continue reading

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UK Climate Change bill – debate continues.

WWF have been in contact with The Coffee House as they’re concerned that the UK government isn’t including emissions from shipping and flights into the Climate Change bill. Both modes of transport are on the increase, particularly shipping, as trade … Continue reading

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