Humidity on the rise: implications for future human health and comfort

A study, reported in the journal Nature, confirms the global increase in humidity found in previous studies.

“This confirmation that humidity and temperature are increasing as expected has important implications for future human health and comfort,” observed the Hadley Centre’s Peter Thorne, one of the research team.

Water vapour is a greenhouse gas, and it is thought that having more of it in the air could amplify temperature rise. Previous research has shown that humidity increases in Europe, a response to higher temperatures, were amplifying the temperature rise by about a factor of two.

It could also have important implications for extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones and rainstorms.


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2 Responses to Humidity on the rise: implications for future human health and comfort

  1. Pete Smith says:

    It’s significant that this study has identified “a significant increase in global mean surface specific humidity during the late twentieth century that is mainly attributable to human influence”. Previously it’s been uncertain whether measured increases in humidity have been due to human or natural factors.

    The Grit will hate it, there’s a computer model in it somewhere 🙂

  2. matt says:

    Last time I looked at Grit’s blog he was doing spot of gay bashing … or should that be cock fighting.

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