China: on the edge of 21st Century debate?

image: Yue Minjun’s “Execution”.

China; exploding population, burgeoning middle class aspirations, endemic corruption, suffocating pollution, water shortage, widening wealth gap, land grab riots.

But the people are beginning to ever so carefully speak out. They need to. We need them.

Planet earth is suffering. See the big picture and you will know this. China is a big brushstroke in that picture.

We can’t rely on the Chinese government to listen. We need a dialogue with the Chinese people.

It’s time to build that bridge … from all corners of the globe.

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2 Responses to China: on the edge of 21st Century debate?

  1. earthpal says:

    Well said Matty.

    Methinks the blogoshpere has an important role to play here.

  2. matt says:


    I see that Cuban blogs are beginning to plant and nurture the seed of change. Maybe this will occur in China. Doesn’t help when the Google money men block freedom of speech though. The hypocrisy has the stench of death.

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