CNN’s environmental documentary, Planet in Peril.

A note from CNN to The Coffee House;

‘Our first four-hour documentary to be shot in HD, Planet in Peril covers all the four main environmental issues affecting our planet:

*global warming



*species decline

Planet in Peril will be broadcast to a combined audience of more than 300 million households, in primetime across the world, allowing us to cast a global spotlight on the crisis which is affecting our planet.’

More information can also be found;

* On the website,

* Via your mobile: simply enter into your mobile internet browser.

* TV: You can watch the full documentary on CNN International on Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th October at 8pm.

* London Preview: An event hosting a preview screening of a 50 minute edited version at the Apple Store, Regent Street this Sunday, 21st October at 6pm which you are welcome to come along to.

Good to see another major TV network with an international reach is highlighting the very serious issues of the health of our planet. For a while there it looked like only the BBC was awake to the importance of its role as a communicator of serious issues, such as the environment.

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6 Responses to CNN’s environmental documentary, Planet in Peril.

  1. Pete Smith says:

    I briefly toyed with the idea of going to the preview, but decided that a 50 minute version cut down from 4 hours wasn’t worth the effort. It’ll be available in full on P2P soon anyway.

  2. mukete beckline says:

    I am waiting for this great documentary.
    i am a Masters ecology student. ihope to gain a lot.

  3. matt says:

    There are a lot of these documentaries around now. David Attenborough did one recently for the BBC. Watching the CNN short preview on their site it struck me just how different the style and approaches between the two networks are whilst reporting on the end of the world. The US gives the disaster flick, hyper approach whereas Dr Attenborough gives us his calm and measured style.

    Same outcome.

  4. weezy says:

    Thanks for the tip on David Attenborough – do you know if/where that piece is available online?

    * As far as we know it’s not available online.

  5. Mukhwana Laura says:

    I would have loved to watch the planet in peril documentary last year but i did not.I would like to know if you can watch it from your website and in what site.However, i liked the previews i saw.

  6. matt says:

    Laura, good question. I can only suggest you enquire through CNN themselves at

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