‘In the age of Noah’

image: outline of the ark in Turkey, it is claimed.

Thomas L. Friedman writes in the IHT an excellent article encapsulating where we are right now on our little planet. We have he says effectively brought ourselves into the role of playing Noah as our own activities as a speicies wreaks havoc for many others, forcing them to such low numbers that we are now trying to save more than ever before from extinction.

In the age of Noah Friedman writes, ‘Unlike Noah, though, we’re also the ones causing The Flood, as more and more forests, fisheries, rivers and fertile soils are gobbled up for development. “The loss of global biological diversity is advancing at an unprecedented pace,” Sigmar Gabriel, Germany’s environment minister, recently told the BBC. “Up to 150 species are becoming extinct every day. The web of life that sustains our global society is getting weaker and weaker.”

The world is rightly focused on climate change. But if we don’t have a strategy for reducing global carbon emissions and preserving biodiversity, we could end up in a very bad place, like in a crazy rush into corn ethanol, and palm oil for biodiesel, without enough regard for their impact on the natural world.

“If we don’t plan well, we could find ourselves with a healthy climate on a dead planet,” said Glenn Prickett, senior vice president of Conservation International.’

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Friedman is now on leave to write a book on energy and the environment

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