UK business: New Years green resolutions.

Chatsworth Communications , a London based PR company, has released details to The Coffee House of their FOOTSIE 100 green resolutions survey. The Survey polled the UK’s 100 leading businesses on their priorities in tackling climate change in the coming year and the challenges they face in implementing them.

Of course there are the usual noises from big business expressing a lack of government support as hindering progress, especially in areas such as incorporating renewable energy sources. While this normally reads as a cry for more subsidies, a lack of availability of green energy is highlighted as the main obstacle rather than cost.

The main resolutions to combat climate change in 2008 were making office buildings more energy efficient (25%), followed by reducing carbon emissions from operations (23%), and incorporating renewable energy sources (13%).

Introducing greater recycling facilities, measures to save water, greening the supply chain and using more video conferencing to reduce business travel are seen as lesser priorities to ‘big business’ at present. Respondents were asked to choose 3 priorities from a list of 12, covering all aspects of environmental damage prevention, as well as their CSR successes from 2007 and challenges for the year ahead.

The majority of respondents identified 2007 as the year they had put the wheels in motion for tackling climate change, with steps such as appointing an environmental manager, beginning to accurately measure carbon emissions and setting targets.

Nick Warren, Chatsworth Communications comments, ”Sustainability must surely be on the main agenda from the boardroom to the stockroom for both ethical and economic well-being in 2008.”

The concern must be that if, as forecast, economic conditions deteriorate during 2008 that the CSR or Environment manager isn’t the first to see their budget cut or, even worse still, receive their last pay cheque.

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2 Responses to UK business: New Years green resolutions.

  1. earthpal says:

    Hi Matt.

    It’s certainly encouraging to know that the environment is on the agenda for big businesses but I can hear the concerns about the deteriorating economy and the financial impacts it will probably have on environmental projects.

  2. matt says:

    Well at least more energy efficient buildings (as the top priority) makes economic sense, what with npower having announced today an increase in gas prices by 20% … yikes!

    Recycling is still too far down the list. Time for the chancellor to raise those landfill taxes again. Let’s make rubbish expensive … very expensive.

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