Global Risks 2008

Over at 3eintelligence a report from the World Economic Forum is summarised, giving the gloomy predictions for 2008;

      *system-wide financial crisis

      *food insecurity

      *supply chain disruptions

      *climate and energy chaos

Food security has become the new emerging risk of the 21st century. High food prices are driven by population growth, energy security policies (biofuels) and climate change.

The report says,”As the global economy has become more integrated, vulnerability to disruption of the supply chains which hold the global economy together may have increased.”

The report also points to the challenges of climate change and energy security and questions whether the world can move to secure and sustainable energy. The WEF experts also warn that the financial instability in 2008 could lead to governments and businesses neglecting the climate change and food insecurity threats.

The WEF Annual meeting 2008 will be held at Davos, Switzerland as usual, 23-27 January.

Of course the gloom helps the WEF to seal return bookings to their annual bash and keep them in the limelight. It also helps the global corporations excuse themselves for staying on the usual course of exploiting cheap labour from mass migration from desperately poor countries. Oh then there’s the oil, guns and drugs to profit from disease, conflict and the never ending desire to exploit the environment.

May hell Davos freeze over.

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4 Responses to Global Risks 2008

  1. earthpal says:

    Yes, although their predictions look grim, it’s hard not to be cynical towards the WEF. You’re right Matt, it needs to be said that many of the members (the power elite) do have an agenda of their own.

    And I did hear that the multi-million dollar event is financed by public money in spite of it being a ‘private’ event.

  2. matt says:

    > financed by public money

    No way! That needs clarification because if true it seems a bit rich. 🙂 I can imagine the canton that Davos is within may finance the event as a way of attracting a global event.

  3. earthpal says:

    Hmm, a bit rich indeed. Lol.

    No, it is the security that costs the state millions. They need much protection from terrorist threats and anti-Davos protestors. Methinks they should foot the security bill themselves. All that public money spent on protecting the attending elite could be better spent on the ethical causes that they say they are fighting for.

    I must sack my sources and find more reliable ones. :blush:

  4. matt says:

    Isn’t that frozen van in the image above fantastic. Maybe the protesters could simply target the heating systems. Frozen leaders on stick anyone. 🙂

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