Are we the human race a bunch of Nazis or just lazy?

Indonesian and Malaysian forests are being destroyed largely to accommodate the spread of palm oil plantations. Palm oil is found within 1 in 10 food and cosmetic products within your supermarkets and local shops. Flip the pack over and read the ingredients list. You really don’t want to be enjoying that biscuit with your cuppo tea whilst taking in the burning flesh of the orangutans.

 To educate yourself on these issues see this comprehensive website; Orangutan Conservancy. 

There’s no excuse for being ill informed.

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8 Responses to Are we the human race a bunch of Nazis or just lazy?

  1. the Grit says:


    That’s a chicken and egg question. Really, you can’t have Nazis without lazy people to follow them, and without driven people, who are ripe to turn into Nazis, you can’t have a society that can support lazy people.

    the Grit

  2. matt says:

    Grit, I get where you’re coming from. You’ve slipped through my little conundrum like an SUV (quickly painted green) parking up at a ‘green’ motor show, next to a Prius and purring contentedly at its complete and utter daring. If ya git whad I mean.

    Even you, you big Mid-western you, I bet if you actually watch that youtube video those cute little orangutans will bring a tear to ya eye.

    Sweet Jesus.

  3. earthpal says:

    Well of course I cried! Did I tell you about the time I went to a zoo and the orangutans were turning their backs to us and hiding themselves under cardboard boxes and I vowed never to visit a zoo again? I think I did. I repeat myself often.

    Palm oil is found within 1 in 10 food and cosmetic products within your supermarkets and local shops.

    Yes, we have so much to look out for when trying to buy ethically. I just read that ASDA, The Body Shop and Sainsbury’s have cut the use of palm oil from unsustainable sources in their products. What we need is proper certification and explanations of what comes from where.

  4. matt says:

    > What we need is proper certification and explanations of what comes from where.

    This comes from The Wall Street Journal (who for some reason like to ‘blog link’ The Coffee House occasionally );

    With companies eager to tout their “green” credentials to consumers, advertising watchdogs in a number of countries are stepping up efforts to rein in marketers that make false or exaggerated claims.

    In one of the latest examples, the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority found this month that a series of television ads by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council misleadingly claimed the industry was good for the environment. In one ad, which appeared on satellite channels across Europe, Asia and the U.S., a man jogs through a natural rain forest, interspersed with shots of palm-oil plantations and wildlife.

    Unfortunately for us I believe the likes of Sainsburys and ASDA et al are relying on so-called sustainable sources certified via the Malaysian Palm Oil Council. Critics argue that palm oil sourced from farms ‘not recently deforested’ means bugger all as these farms were quite possibly set up on deforested land in the not so distant past.

    A palm oil substitute should be used. Other manufacturers manage it after all. Rapeseed oil is one option.

    Incidently, the UK Advertising Standards Authority is on a new mission to police ‘green washing’ in advertising. This is obviously one of their first victims. 🙂

  5. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    First, I’m Southern. Second, I wouldn’t slip in quietly, but would park my truck on top of a Prius that was in a good spot. Third, orangutans always make me cry. Really, they’re so ugly, yet still so much smarter than many people I know. It’s just not fair. On the other hand, it’s socially acceptable for them to fling their poop at people they don’t like, proving they’re more culturally advanced than humans. As to the video, sorry, but I’m still running on dial up, thanks to the local Government granted monopolies that provide high speed service and haven’t bothered to run it to my not so populated area, so, given my notorious lack of patience, downloading movies is beyond my capability at the moment.

  6. earthpal says:

    Hi Grit.

    Very amusing comment. I suppose it could be argued that they are ugly . . . but in a very sweet and cutsie kind of way. And yep, they are highlyl intelligent, a lot closer to humans than many people would realise.

    Fact is, we have no right to destroy their habitat and compromise their right to exist.

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  8. matt says:

    Yup, well they’re banning smoking everywhere so I guess it follows that society should ban obese people too. That should help our cousins the orangutan.

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