The UK Committee on Climate Change

Adair Turner, the former CBI boss and vice-chairman of Merrill Lynch Europe, is to become chairman of a new high-powered committee to ensure central and local government policies reduce carbon emissions.

The appointment of Turner, who was made a life peer in 2005, is understood to be strongly supported by Environment Secretary Hilary Benn. But there have been suggestions that Gordon Brown initially feared that Turner, who now questions whether business’s aim to increase growth at all costs is tenable amid growing environmental pressures, might be too much of a loose cannon.

The Committee on Climate Change will assume powers akin to the monetary policy committee to ensure the UK cuts its emissions by 60 per cent by 2050.

Turner, 52, now believes that the perpetual drive to maximise growth, a belief which has underpinned advanced economies over the last 60 years, should be questioned.

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