Bulgarian govt censors environment bloggers

Article: Internet.artisans

The above linked article to which I will lay out below is dated from August last year. I have only just found it on the internet but believe it important because it highlights the work of a new generation of environmentalists who struggle against unbelievable corruption and destructive behaviour fuelled by new capitalist greed.

“The Bulgarian police has called in bloggers and pressured them to stop writing about the wave of environmental protests that has swept across the country in the recent weeks.

Michel Bozgounov, BlueLink’s web designer, was one of several on-line activists who were summoned, interrogated, and advised “friendly” to refrain from blogging on environmental protests. During the conversation, which he described in his blog again, Michel saw an investigation file against himself and his blog, compiled by the National Service for Combat against the Organized Crime, one of Bulgaria’s several secret services that have inherited the notorious State Security of the former communist regime.”

As an e-network created by green activists, the BlueLink network has been pioneering the potential of the internet within Bulgaria’s dynamic environmental movement. This latest attempt to repress freedom of expression online stems from a controversial decision by the country’s Supreme Administrative Court to remove the protected status of the largest nature park in the Balkans – the Strandja Mountain. The decision has been claimed to favour the interests of a local mayor and businessman, who campaigned for hotel construction project within the park.”

Please, would all environment bloggers pile in from around the globe and support the Bulgarian environment bloggers and activists.


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3 Responses to Bulgarian govt censors environment bloggers

  1. earthpal says:

    generation of environmentalists who struggle against unbelievable corruption and destructive behaviour fuelled by new capitalist greed.

    That’s the scary thing – the discovery (and consequent love) of capitalism with a deep-seated repressive and censorial regime.

    T’is much of a coincidence but I was talking about Bulgaria with my colleagues this week. We were discussing the appropriateness of taking holidays there.

    According to Amnesty International, people there are still being targetted by the police on the basis of their ethnic or sexual identity.

    I will post this on my blog too.

  2. matt says:

    I know someone from Romania who has lived in the UK for sometime now. He was saying only this week how incredible the appetite for wealth, money, expensive cars, big houses is out in his country now. People happily buy houses with cash in a bag!

    The surge to indulge is overwhelming. It must be almost impossible for environmentalists to stand up to it. Russia could be setting a scary precedent.

  3. earthpal says:

    Yes, that capitalism lure is irresistable. Not many are immune. But it comes at a cost – on more than one level.

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