**News flash** ….. Kill badgers say MPs.

MPs say ‘aye’ to selective badger cull


MPs have backed calls for a limited cull of badgers to help prevent the spread of TB in cattle.

A report by the environment select committee says the action should be focused on TB hotspots and form part of a package of control measures.

The report acknowledges that culling badgers on its own cannot stem the spread of TB in cattle. It calls for better testing and surveillance of cattle to help identify and stamp out the disease.

Farmers groups believe a determined cull of badgers – which are known to spread TB to cattle – would stem the steady rise in cases; but a detailed independent scientific assessment concluded that such an approach would not be worthwhile.

Now MPs on the environment select committee have given their opinion – they have concluded that in certain circumstances culling could help to control the disease.

In their report – Badger and Cattle TB – the committee says it is concerned that disorganised culling could make matters worse.

However, the politicians felt that it could help if it was co-ordinated, covered a large area, was sustained for at least four years and took place in areas that have boundaries which would restrict the movement of badgers.

The RSPCA’s director of animal welfare promotion, John Rolls, said: “The evidence shows a policy of badger culling is unsustainable, uneconomic and could even worsen the spread of bovine TB.”

Hilary Benn is expected to outline the government’s policy on controlling TB in cattle within the next few weeks.

In response to the select committee report, Mr Benn said: “Any potential policy on badger controls would have to take into account whether it could be expected to have a significant impact on the disease, whether it is supported by the available scientific evidence, whether it could practically be delivered, and consideration of public acceptability.”

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9 Responses to **News flash** ….. Kill badgers say MPs.

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  2. earthpal says:

    Hi Matty.

    I was going to blog about this too.

    I can’t understand how the government has reached this decision because it’s in contradiciton of their own commissioned trial results:


    Oh dear!

  3. matt says:

    Pressure from the NFU I guess. They won’t let up. Obviously TB in cattle is a very serious problem and it is increasing but, to blame it solely on badgers is quite bizarre.

    1. NEWS: Bovine TB Science Advisory Body Established. Defra said etsablishing the new panel fulfils the department’s commitment to obtaining independent scientific advice on bovine TB as set out in the government’s strategic framework for the sustainable control of bovine tuberculosis in Great Britain.

    2. This is the Lancashire Badger Group’s take on bovine TB.

    3. Development of a vaccine is yet to happen as far as I can make out. There is a lot of information on this within a pdf linked via DEFRA (108 pgs) written in 2003. See page pgs 13/14 for info on vaccinating cattle and page 8 for badgers. Basically the report gives reasons why this approach would be difficult.

    The government’s approach continues to be one of test and slaughter for cattle.

  4. the Grit says:

    Hi earthpal,

    Never, never, never be surprised at contradictions coming from Government 🙂

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry to hear about your problems in this area, but I do have a suggestion, which probably isn’t feasible. Limit the badger cull to those dispatched by Government employees armed only with a copy of the pertinent regulations and their wits. Evolution in action.

    the Grit

  5. matt says:

    Oh don’t worry, all the anti-fox hunters will be gearing up for this one. Since it was made illegal to hunt foxes some of these protestors will now turn their attention to the plight of the badger. 🙂

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  8. earthpal says:

    Hi Grit.

    Yes, I should be less naive. Great suggestion there though. I think it just might work. Lol.

    Matt sorry about the two pingback things. You can delete them if you like.

  9. the Grit says:

    Hi Matt,

    While I never did see the joy in fox hunting, if those folks are bored you could send them over here to chase down some coyotes. We have a large surplus and I doubt there are many people who can work up sympathy for the nasty beasts. Besides, what with the shrinking value of the dollar, it wouldn’t cost that much, and Memphis can always use the tourist traffic. Perhaps the fox/coyote hunt could be combined with a tour of Graceland?

    Hi earthpal,


    the Grit

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